Painting my Doors Black: Before and After

I started a painting project a year and a half ago!  I decided to paint one door black.  I played it safe and started with my garage entry door.  It was an easy decision when my first impression of my home was this door:


Here is the after… love it! Scroll down to bottom of post for details and suggestions!

We have also spent the past year and a half updating the hardware and hinges.  We purchased a few sets from Home Depot every month.  I am happy to say we are just 3 hinges and one door handle away from this project!  Doesn’t the hardware look great against the black door.

Every door deserves a litle bling.  I think this garage entry door looks so much better.  Ahhhh… this is how I want my family to enter our home…

Loved it so much… I painted the front door! Here is the before picture after 2 coats of primer…

Here is the after and I love it! New hardware from Home Depot and a new door bell after a quick google search! I used BEHR paint, Beluga on all doors!

 Love the Valentine wreath against the black door:

1-020 (1)

 And, then I decided to paint the pantry door. I don’t have a before photo of the front of the pantry door, but you know the drill!

Here is the after shot … even my brother noticed it and loved it. Well, maybe love is a bit of an embellishment, but he noticed it!

And, yes I did paint the interior side of the door (and I spray painted the white spice rack from Container Store):

And, then I had to bedazzle the pantry door!

Loving the black doors!  If you are thinking about it.. go for it!  You won’t regret it.. and if you do.. it’s only paint.

Here are my suggestions and details:

1. Prime all doors. You won’t regret this step.  I just bought the 5 gallon primer at the Depot.

2. I removed the door handle hardware, but not the hinges (mainly because it takes up too much time and since my hardware is oil  rubbed bronze, any goofs are disguised by the bronze finish.

3. I used BEHR paint, BELUGA in semi-gloss finish. I love this color!  And, at least 2 coats.

4. Here’s my biggest suggestion to painting doors: leave the paint can and brush handy because I am amazed at how many missed spots show up depending on the angle of my eyes!

5. And, finally.. it’s only paint!  Go for it!  I had a girls happy hour recently and everyone loved the doors!


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  1. 15

    John Ace says

    I’m in the process of painting my interior white doors dark chocolate brown. I love the way it looks finished, just losing faith because i hate the process. Nice job though. It’s inspiring.

  2. 17

    Dawn says

    Love the black door with the oil rubbed hardware! I was so worried how it would look! I just switched to ORB hardware a year ago. My husband would kill me if I switched again but I LOVE black doors! When I saw your pictures I breathed a huge sigh of relief. They look great together!! Thanks! I’ve got some painting to do!!!!

  3. 20


    Just came by your blog by accident when looking for ideas on kitchen window treatments. I have to say I am enjoying your projects! I am also thinking of painting all my doors black or a black/brown instead of the white.

  4. 25


    Laura, I LOVE your doors. I painted my front door and french doors at the beginning of the year. I wanted to paint all the other doors but chickened out. You have inspired me darlin’ to do the rest. Thank you : )
    ~Hugs ~

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