Wicker Chair Update

Hi there- Here is a project from the archives as we are on a spring break! I wanted to share this wicker chair update  as the garage sales ramp up this time of year. It’s a great example of not judging a piece of furniture by it’s current state!  Don’t be so quick to walk past a tired piece of furniture! Here’s a before and after of a wicker chair update I completed!


I have seen other blog projects on spray painting wicker. I was a little skeptical because there are so many details in anything with the word wicker. It’s like covering gray roots… there is always one that gets completely overlooked and it’s the only thing you see!


Here’s the World Market version for $59.99 {sale price}:


And, my version for the price of a can of spray paint from Home Depot. I went with green as a spring, summer and maybe Halloween color???


Compare for yourself!

wicker compare


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