pumpkin poop 2

Pumpkins Poop Too!

With a new puppy in the house, I’ve got poopies on the brain and the floor! Here’s a cute idea I did last year! It’s great for the month of October or the day after Halloween! Here is my take on this funny idea! I wanted to put in my boys’ lunches on Friday. What’s [Read more...]

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Pottery Barn Knockoff Chaise for the Patio

If I was a trophy wife I would order the entire outdoor collection at Pottery Barn.  Insert “deep.sigh.”  But, I am not a trophy wife..{yet} so I am forced encouraged to think differently at how I spend my our money.  So I got to thinking about my Costco chaises hanging out on our deck:   and this [Read more...]

red vase

Red vase gets makeover

I am over my love affair with red.  I like a little bit, but at some point I decided every accessory in my TJ MAXX hoarder closet needed to be red. Love this vase but the red clashes and just doesn’t say spring. A few rounds of Heirloom White spray paint and ..hello sexy, lighter vase. Love [Read more...]


Interior Front Door: From Stain to White Paint!

I did it!  A few months  Six months ago I posted my entry way dilemma. That post with pictures is HERE. But here is the abbreviated version and the before photos if you don’t want to get side tracked!  Stained door adjacent to white interior door.  All of our interior doors are painted white. My son [Read more...]

spring wreath 5

Spring Wreath

I finally created a wreath that looks half way decent!So, I am so excited for this wreath!  Of course, this wreath was done last year, but since I took this picture I painted the front door!  I decided to re-post because it was a so popular. I painted the door after the wreath was finished.It [Read more...]