Pottery Barn Knockoff Chaise for the Patio

If I was a trophy wife I would order the entire outdoor collection at Pottery Barn.  Insert “deep.sigh.” Chesapeake Double Chaise

But, I am not a trophy wife..{yet} so I am forced encouraged to think differently at how I spend my our money.  So I got to thinking about my Costco chaises hanging out on our deck:



and this is what I came up with…I just pushed them together to create a double chaise look.  It totally changed the look of the patio.


I love it!  It makes a great statement on the patio.  It’s funny how a 30 second change can make such a difference.   What do you think?

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  1. says

    I had to stop by your blog because of the title! I am not a trophy wife either and I think your idea is perfection!!! I am going to be eyeing the yard sales!
    Your newest follower…

    Denise @ buttonsandwhimsy.com

  2. says

    Definitely makes a statement, it’s says come her and lay down, and enjoy! I like yours better, it’s more inviting, the other one to me is too big. Really like the red. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best!

  3. says

    Super idea! I saw one like this out in blogland and she draped the entire thing with a white ruffly sheet and threw pillows on it. It looks like a poolside bed! I love the happy red stripes on your cushions. So holidayish! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. says

    It definitely makes a great statement in the patio, I love the contrast of the red and white stripes with the colors of the patio, well done, it looks really nice.

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