50 Puppies for 50 Cents

This is the photo I sent to my {first}  husband on Friday. His reply back was “wtf” (what the flip?).  And, he said he just broke out with smile during a meeting and shared the photo with his colleagues.

  Here’s the story: These adorable pups were a holiday item at Petsmart in 2010. I purchased 2 at Thanksgiving for our dogs, Tanner and Owen.  They were $5.00 each. This past  Friday, I walked into  Petsmart and they were up front with sign for $3.49.  Perfect, I picked up two more.  The girl scans them and says “wow, these are a penny each.”  I assumed it was an error and so she doubled check.  Well, long story short… I collected 2 carts full for a total of 50 puppies. I left a few for other customers.  I knew I was going to ship them to Knoxville  to Adopt a Golden Knoxville  and keep a few for the Denver Dumb Friends League (where Owen found us). I’ll wrap this up… stay with me… so I’m loading the trunk (of course, I had my husbands “petite” car that day and not mine) and a woman approaches me and asks what charities I was going to send them to animal shelters.  The woman loved the idea and said she would buy the remainder of the puppies  and deliver to some local children charities in Denver. This woman repeated to me “good for you, good for you.” I had a smile all day. Spreading kindness to the lives of so many!

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