Hoarding for next year’s Halloween

One of the best things after a holiday is trying to score the deals!  I coveted the following items at Crate & Barrel all season.  But, I just couldn’t open up my wallet to pay full price.   Actually, I did pay full price for the rug (dang)!   Notice the power cord running under the mat. That’s part of my “Trailer Park”  outdoor lighting.

I love these mugs! I’m a coffee girl, but they work for hot chocolate for my kids!

Look at what is at the bottom of the mug!

Snagged these plates! I actually ordered online because shipping was $4.95 and I had confirmation of inventory!

The best part is that these will be all new and shiny next Halloween!  Do you enjoy post holiday sales?


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Owner and contributor of www.notatrophywife.com. All opinions are my own and may change like my weight and/or age.


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