Would a trophy wife eat 35,500 calories of Costco pies?

It starts after Thanksgiving dinner with a slice. One slice.   Followed by another slice a few hours later after the kitchen is cleaned up.  And then, before I know it.. pie becomes the breakfast of champions after early morning sales on Black Friday, followed by a slice with a mid-morning cup of coffee.  Well, what’s a Saturday of decorating without a little pie break?  And then by dinner, I am so overextended on my calories for the week that I rationalize the 15th slice of pie by borrowing future calories into the 2nd week of December.  It’s like calories on crack.

Of course, we all have different definitions of a “slice.”  Is it still a slice if you need the 4×4 spatula to lift it onto the plate?  Is it still pie if you add whip topping and maybe some vanilla ice cream?    Whatevuh!


I’m not a trophy wife because I EAT Costco pies.  My next post will be about running!!!!!

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  1. I have stopped eating pie. I have started to apply it directly to my thighs, because that’s where it will end up.

  2. You are so not alone!

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