Orange Accessories for My Son’s Room

My tween son loves orange.  His first Old Navy fleece sweatshirt was orange when he was five.  I just noticed the blue Nike shorts are the identical blue I recently painted in his brother’s bedroom.

And, when he was seven he added an orange ski cap ( he still doesn’t like to match).

I painted one shelf orange. This orange bookcase was too small for the space next to my son’s bed, so I moved it. The book case ended up in his closet to store his clothes.  You can barely see the orange shelf, but it gets the job done.

Got this fun lamp at IKEA for $14.99. This honored my son’s request to have some “not bloggy crafts” in his room.

Found these orange magazine cartons at IKEA for $1.99 for 2 to store my son’s Sports Illustrated Kids magazines!

They fit perfectly on his metal bookcase. Guess where I found it for under $16.00??
A pop of orange on his bed!

And, finally a slap of orange on the 40 year old dresser.

Orange you glad you read this post!

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