Popular Posts of 2012 at I’m Not a Trophy Wife… {yet}

Here is a quick recap of my most viewed craft posts in 2012.   Thanks to all of my new followers and those that hung on during my WordPress migration. I am not a fan of odd year numbers so I am trying to pack the calendar with projects in  2013!

Don’t grab the wrong bottle



Here was my kitchen window treatment makeovers. This easy available no sew tape wrapped this project up in 1/2 the time!Window treatments in 1/2 the time!

Window treatments in 1/2 the time!

So landscape lighting is our “must have” list, but it is not in our “want to pay for” list. Here is a thrifty idea. We place this light on a timer and we have landscape lighting (and additional security)!


Thrifty Outdoor Lighting







I found this fun, free website. The only drawback is you can’t save as a pdf, but for inexpensive fun and a little ink you can create lots of fun projects for the classroom or home!


Fun Classroom or Home Craft

Who knew a foam squares for workout spaces and garages could make a headboard that’s not hard on the back of the head!



A fun care package of idea. The messages are limitless!

Custom Kisses

Custom Kisses

Happy New Year!



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