The Power of One: The difference one teacher can make in a child’s life.

Below is one of my most cherished posts.   It is about our son and his kindergarten teacher who changed the direction of his life and ours.  It makes  me cry every time I read it:
evan the power of one

I completed my last Christmas card last night.  I wrote the final card to the most special person in our son’s life. I enclosed a Christmas photo and the “12 months of the year” parody of our family adventures.  And for this particular envelope I stuffed a homework assignment, a spelling test, and a science quiz.  I wrote it to our son’s former kindergarten teacher, Mrs. H., who changed the course of our son’s life.   Mrs. H. was my son’s kindergarten teacher who recognized in Evan the initial clues or signs of a  “reading problem” and  suggested we pursue further academic testing outside the school.

In fact, she suggested this to us multiple times.  You see, as his parents we could not accept that our son had a learning disability. He was so SMART.  He had such a strong vocabulary. He loved math.   We  told ourselves  he just needs to “try harder.” Cringe.  But, Mrs. H. noticed something with Evan and despite our initial attempts to dismiss it -she would not let it go.  Most importantly, she would not let go of our son.   Mrs. H. showed us the power of one-  one teacher who noticed one little boy, in the front of  the class, who didn’t love to read, who missed many Mondays, who complained of stomach aches and sore throats through the week.  And, finally over the course of several months, her patience guided us to  find the support and resources our son needed.   He is a happy, funny, confident, and healthy boy.  You taught us that one person can change the direction of one life.

Thank you Mrs. H.



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