Twigs and Branches

What is it about the design elements that nature provides?  I just love the simplicity of pine cones, branches, and all things organic.  Nature’s beauty is a regular contributor to this blog.  These branches are from an Aspen tree in our backyard. We cut the branches that were leaning against the house (bad for the roof and gutters- sorry that’s the realtor in me) and I just let them dry out in the backyard (read: I was too lazy to move them and I knew I could use them in my house eventually).

I placed them next to the fireplace and by the end of the week I was feeling like the room was too crowded. I was in the process of moving them when my {first} husband was like, “no, they look good  next to the fireplace.”  I was so excited for the feedback, because sometimes I think he watches me with my blog posts and photo “shoots”  and thinks I need a life.  In reality, he is more likely hoping I have more real estate transactions!

Um, ignore the dust on the back side of this lantern.  I love this lantern! I had it tucked away on my china cabinet and decided I was not maximizing it’s potential.

Nothing like metal, fire, branches and a little ceramic ornament!

This lantern and wine barrel lazy susan sits directly below my holly and fresh garland light fixture. That post is here

I still want to add a little ornament for  these branches from our Christmas tree. It reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

This is the trunk from a neighbor’s trees. That post is here.  I used all of his chopped branches and trunks around my house!  It’s the gift that keeps giving.

I paired the Christmas tree branches with the Aspen tree trunks.  Love!

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