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 This is a fun interactive tool I found over at Home Goods. I don’t remember why I was snooping around on the  HomeGoods webpage, but alas I found the “Customer Finds”  HERE.  Alas?  Oh my, Downton Abbey is rubbing off on my vocabulary!   So while I was over on HomeGoods I uploaded this find earlier this year:


It’s fun to share your favorite buys!  And, who doesn’t a good HomeGoods find?



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    I have a ten dollar coupon from HomeGoods burning a hole in my pocket right now. It’s time to go shopping! I think it would be fun to shop camera in hand to record the fantastic deals I come accross. I saw a gorgeous a sectional couch a few months ago at our local HomeGoods store. I dragged hubby to look at it the next day, of course it was gone…. :( I am still kicking myself for not buying it when I first saw it.

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