Master Bedroom Mini Makeover for $50


The Master Bedroom.  I don’t know if it’s truly a retreat- it feels more like a HR department where every member of the house comes bursting in with questions, complaints, requests and major  announcements!  And we have a large master bedroom, so there is plenty of room for a waiting room of family members (dogs [Read more…]

Thrifty Boys’ Room Accessories

evan's foam finger

It’s done! After multiple negotiations makeovers and tweaks my son’s room is done!  Here is the finished room. For the details on this before and after click HERE.  On a side note, the hardest part of this project is reconciling my wish for a Pottery Barn  room with the reality that my son wants a “cool” [Read more…]

Son’s Room Before and After

bed image 3

This summer my tween son said, “Mom, I need a big boy bed.”  Okay, now before images form in your heads of my 12  year old son sleeping in a crib, he was referring to not having an official bedroom set.  I have shared several of his room updates, but none of them addressed his [Read more…]

Cheap & Easy Wall Art


Here is a CHEAP fix for my son’s blank wall.  I purchased 2 packages of cork square tiles at Target.  A can of spray paint and leftover paint from the boys’ bathroom.  Ordered the wall mural decals online (I have since found them EVERYWHERE for alot less money than I paid when I purchased them [Read more…]

Orange Accessories for My Son’s Room


My tween son loves orange.  His first Old Navy fleece sweatshirt was orange when he was five.  I just noticed the blue Nike shorts are the identical blue I recently painted in his brother’s bedroom. And, when he was seven he added an orange ski cap ( he still doesn’t like to match). I painted [Read more…]

Window Treatments for $20.00


I am SOOOO excited to share this idea.  For $20.00 I have not one or two window treatments, but four floor length window treatments!  Any guesses what fabric I used to create this $5.00 per panel window treatment? Here is our bedroom window treatments.    I am over the red. I have written several posts on the end [Read more…]

Easy Sports Theme Décor Idea


Hi everyone! Here’s a thrifty find that can be used for tons of décor ideas for your sports enthusiast child!  I purchased a few yards of this turf at Home Depot.  It’s in the carpet and rug aisle and I have seen it in the seasonal section.  I made a few items for my son’s room with [Read more…]

Child’s Room Clothes Rack


The great thing about this project is it can be tweaked for lots of sport theme interests. The never-ending, on-going decorating of my boys bedrooms. So both of my boys are competitive tennis players so needless to say much of their free time, is spent on a court. So, they wanted their love of the [Read more…]