Easy Idea on Finding {paint} Inspiration for a Child’s Bedroom

parker tennis promotion

In the evolution of my boys’ bedroom, I learned a quick(er) path to finding a paint color!  If  you and your child  are getting stuck in the negotiations of paint colors for his/her room look to his/her interests to find your color board.  I went with all things tennis related.
parker tennis promotion

Thank you Adidas, Wilson, Head and Nike for keeping the peace!  One of my boy’s loves blue: royal blue, ocean blue.. anything but navy!  Even the courts are a source of inspiration.  Maybe your child’s favorites are a pool, field, gym mat, or a favorite book cover.


Google Image

This helps with accessories too!  I was inspired by these orange Nike court shoes for my son’s accessories                         (without the grass stains):
2014-06-17 21.20.18

So…. I picked a neutral shade of gray for the walls.

Hmmm… out of I don’t know 50 shades of gray (ba dump dum). I went with Behr Classic Silver Home Depot. Ironically when I googled an image for this paint color I found my own photo!
behr classic silver

Here are the main colors and the accessories.


The color palette for the accessories came from my son’s new comforter.  But the reason, we both liked these colors is that all of these colors are popular in the Nike and Adidas apparel that he wears for tennis  all.the.time.  

So if you are struggling with 50 shades of any color for your child’s  room… look to what they like to do for color inspiration.

Master Bedroom Retreat Mini Makeover for $50


The Master Bedroom.  I don’t know if it’s truly a retreat- it feels more like a HR department where every member of the house comes bursting in with questions, complaints, requests and major  announcements!  And we have a large master bedroom, so there is plenty of room for a waiting room of family members.  Take a number!  Here’s the before.  This photo reminds me how much a small change can  make a big difference. The pillow on the chaise shows a pillow from my son’s room.  Our room became his space “to get away from the family.”  I’m cringing at the terra cot planters.  The red drapes are from Pottery Barn, but I replaced them with this cheap, inexpensive, readily available alternative  HERE.


This post is about how little changes, and a new coffee table for $49.00 can change the look.  This involved moving leather club chairs (I think they are more like a vinyl) upstairs and creating a waiting room retreat.


The table is from IKEA and is $49.00!  It really lightened up the space. My house is full of dark colors.


The mantel is always a work in progress, but I am working on adding “layers.”  I just added the little basket (a garage sale find) and it added some much needed  color.  The details on the  frame project are HERE.