Mason Jar Breakfast on the Go

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Hi there- Anyone failing or falling behind on the back to school year promises of a home cooked  breakfast everyday!  After 4 days my boys were grabbing cereal and a juice box.  This is a part of my breakfast everyday.


My Go-To Breakfast is made with dry oatmeal, Greek yogurt, blueberries and a sprinkle of chopped nuts.  Chopped nuts stretches the caloric count because well they are chopped.


So I made an assembly line for the week and stuck them in the refrigerator. They were a hit with one of my boys and the best part is they stayed fresh for 3+ days.

breakfast2 go3.1

Breakfast that you can eat on the go and it is packed with protein!  I’m full until lunch! Which rarely happens! And, to think a year ago I couldn’t stand the taste of Greek yogurt!



Cereal- It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

cereal alternatives

Do you ever just do random online searches?  I have my favorite sites that I randomly search!   One of my favorites is Better Homes & Garden so when I stumbled on alternative uses for cereal it spoke to me!  See photo below.  This is a photo of  the boxes of cereal I had on the counter during  our DIY pantry makeover… I think I might have a problem!  No, you are not seeing double.. I tend to double up ( I think it stems from my childhood and the horrible morning  discovery  that the “good cereal” was all gone!


All images below  are from Better Homes & Garden


#1: Decorate a Cake

Use nut grain cereal for a pie crust?  I can’t believe I never thought of this one!

#3: Process into Crumbs for a Crust

Ice cream topping. I have done this with Rice Krispies  (and chocolate syrup)::

#4: Top Ice Cream

Coating for chicken or fish.  I have done this before with the “bottom of the box” cereal strays. My kids love it! And, I sneak in a little ground flax seed (shhh…..)!

#5: Coat Chicken Before Oven-Frying

Do you have any suggestions for alternative uses for cereal?  Please share your ideas in the comments!!