Grilled Cheese Cookies


Hi everyone- Today I am so excited to share these  grilled cheese cookies! Yes you read this right! I am showing off my grilled cheese cookies!  I previously made the PB&J sandwiches HERE.  And, when they turned out sooo cute, I knew I had to try the other classic sandwich: the grilled cheese. Here is the [Read more…]

Raspberries & Rolos


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is a quick chocolate treat for the family. Seriously 2 ingredients you can buy at the grocery store. Are you ready?  Rolos and a basket of raspberries!  The perfect combination of chocolate and fruit.  Serve responsibly: you can’t stop with just one!

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine  Treats logo

Here are some favorite Valentine Treats at our house! I have served these  Rolo-berries all through the year! They are the perfect mix of chocolate and fruit.  They are great no matter what the season. And, the best part …. no mess!!! Here is another Valentine Treat. Valentine Sandwich Cookies. I originally talked about this [Read more…]

Cherry or Blueberry Crumble


Hi all~ One of my favorite summer desserts is a cherry crumble. One of my best friends made this YEARS ago for a 4th of July party.  Let’s just say I inhaled this over the  course of the party… one tablespoon at a time.  OR BLUEBERRY…. Here is the recipe: Print Cherry Crumble Recipe type: Dessert   Yummy [Read more…]

Reese’s Peanut Butter & Raspberries


Got your attention right?   I wouldn’t normally pair raspberries with peanut butter, but I had left over raspberries and  Reese’s peanut butter cups from the Easter baskets so I just placed a raspberry on top and there you have Reese’s Peanut Butter & Raspberries! If this sounds vaguely familiar, it might be  because I was a [Read more…]

Paw Cupcakes


I love these paw cupcakes! My sister found them on Pinterest  last summer so I pinned them to my board and FINALLY got to making these for my son’s birthday weekend! I think these remind me more of a polar bear paw print, but with green tinted coconut it might look more like a puppy [Read more…]

Best Grass Frosting Recipe


Hi all~  Let me start with the need to put the word “grass”  in quotes or my favorite parentheses,  because in Colorado, “grass” has an entirely different meaning!  Ha!   Over the past year,   I have made batches of frosting in my  attempts to make  “grass” frosting.   I  adjusted the butter, used  shortening, and worked with meringue powder!  And, my frosting never [Read more…]

Last minute, no bake cookies and treats

no bake bar bhg

It never fails, the night before school your precious angel baby tells you he (in my case) has to bring 24 treats for the class.  Or a neighbor decides on a spontaneous happy hour and needs something sweet!  So when I found these ideas from I had to share with you all! Chocolate Raspberry Bites No-Bake Butterscotch [Read more…]

Christmas Mice in the Kitchen!


Last year I posted my attempt at making a cheaper version of Garnet Hill’s Chocolate Mice. That post has been deleted. One of my first blogging friends,  Mary over at  Life in a Small Town sent me a link for a better different recipe for Chocolate Mice.  I had the chance to redeem myself! Where there is one [Read more…]

Rolos and Raspberries ChocolateDessert


This is a great go-to dessert all through the year! The perfect combination of fresh raspberries and chocolate (Rolo’s).   I nicknamed this 2 ingredient raspberries and chocolate dessert: Roloberries. I love this for an easy dessert that that is not heavy on sugar and flour during the holidays! It’s a ROLOBERRY TREE!  It’s my go to [Read more…]