DIY Barn Doors


Hi there- a few weeks ago I got an email from KariAnne over at ThistleWood Farms who really liked my DIY barn door project and wanted to share it on her weekly Thistlekeeping series here.  She stumbled upon my barn door project while finding ideas for her future project. So I freaked!  Karianne has like 1 million followers and all [Read more…]

Utility Knife in My Tool Bag


Hi everyone~ I survived a weekend of boys’ tennis and rugby.  Saturday morning I had a basement full of sleeping middle school boys and a puppy that tried her hardest not to run down and wake them up!  There is no segue to this post so let me start with this: I had no idea how much a utility knife [Read more…]

Wood Spindles to Iron Spindles


I am in love with this project: replacing our wood spindles with iron spindles.  This project is one of those projects that changed the entire look of our home. This is what we had in our house.  I don’t have a before picture.  Who knew I would be blogging about replacing 241 wood spindles with iron spindles? Our dream to [Read more…]

Mis-matched windows and trim.


Oh I need help! I think I screwed up my new  kitchen windows.  The  windows through out my house our the vinyl almond color, so when the Home Depot window guy met with us and asked what color windows we wanted we both said, “almond.”  Actually, my {first} husband didn’t use the word almond, but something along the line [Read more…]

December: The month before the new year’s to- do list!


Ahhh… December.. the month of parties, food, extra cocktails, almost empty rolls of wrapping paper? But, for me it’s the official start of the new year’s to-do list.  After spending the past 2 months decorating, hauling out decorations, moving furniture to accommodate the tree (and the sled) I notice the drywall gashes, the tired window [Read more…]

Top DIY Projects in 2014


Happy {almost} new year!   I can’t believe the year is winding down. It was just October, right?  It’s this time of  year as I start packing up the holiday décor I begin to see the projects I didn’t finish or the ones I want to begin.  What projects did you finish in 2014? Do you already have your list of diy projects [Read more…]

DIY Wall Chalkboard Calendar


Hi there- I am soooo excited to show off this project.  A few months ago I finished my office makeover project HERE.  As you can see I had a large blank wall behind my desk.  I was so proud of this makeover because it was all me.  So I wanted a DIY project that would [Read more…]

Gate Update


Hi there- how was your weekend?  We spent the weekend replacing gates in our backyard for our new puppy, Chloe!  It was a birthday gift to me from the family: the puppy, not the gate!  It was looking a little tired: both the gate and myself!!    Both gates just needed new doors as the posts were [Read more…]

Stain to Paint Sofa Table


I seriously think I could paint every stained piece of furniture in my house a bright shade of white.  With hardwood floors and dark furniture I need to brighten the house up a bit! So I am super excited to share this easy transformation of a sofa table that went from stain to paint!.  I moved the sofa table [Read more…]

Front Door: Stain to White Paint!


I did it!  I painted my stained from interior door white!  A few months  Six months ago I posted my front door dilemma  HERE. But here is the abbreviated version and the before photos if you don’t want to get side tracked!  Stained door adjacent to white interior door.  All of our interior doors are painted [Read more…]

Update a Chalkboard


Here is my DIY chalkboard in my dining room.   After my recent dining room makeover, the chalkboard looked  a little lost on the wall.  Or, maybe IT was  just bored! I found these  Wall Pops at Tuesday Morning earlier this summer and thought the splash of blue might be fun!   Or, at least get the attention [Read more…]

A girly office makeover: before and after.


I said it! I want a girly office! I am juggling 3 separate “revenue sources” andI need a pretty (girly)  space!  This has been a work in progress for over 3 years. This is where my office started 3 years ago: And, my first step was to buy this desk at Pottery Barn on New Years [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Inspired Spring Mantel


Last year I made a PB Knockoff mantel HERE.  I put the DIY mantel above our bed in the master bedroom with vision of fresh garland and lights at Christmas. Here’s a recent snapshot of the Christmas mantel.  It looks better at night with the lights on.  I think I need new paint! And, with [Read more…]