Chalkboard Wall Calendar


Hi there- I am soooo excited to show off this project.  A few months ago I finished my office makeover project HERE.  As you can see I had a large blank wall behind my desk.  I was so proud of this makeover because it was all me.  So I wanted a DIY project that would [Read more…]

Gate Remodel and New Hardware


Hi there- how was your weekend?  We spent the weekend replacing gates in our backyard for our new puppy, Chloe!  It was a birthday gift to me from the family: the puppy, not the gate!  It was looking a little tired: both the gate and myself!!    Both gates just needed new doors as the posts were [Read more…]

Dark Stain to Bright White Sofa Table: Before and After


I seriously think I could paint every stained piece of furniture I own a shade of white.  With hardwood floors and dark furniture I need to brighten it up!  I love this transformation of a sofa table/book case.  I moved it from our master bedroom to the dining room. I love what less than a [Read more…]

Update a Chalkboard in Seconds


Here is my DIY chalkboard in my dining room.   After my recent dining room makeover, the chalkboard looked  a little lost on the wall.  Or, maybe IT was  just bored! I found these  Wall Pops at Tuesday Morning earlier this summer and thought the splash of blue might be fun!   Or, at least get the attention [Read more…]

A girly office for me: makeover-before and after.


I said it! I wanted a girly office! It may not be PC, but if I am juggling 3 different “revenue sources” I need a pretty space!  This has been a work in progress for over 3 years. This is where my office started 3 years ago: And, my first step was to buy this [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Inspired Spring Mantel Above Headboard


Last year I made a PB Knockoff mantel HERE.  I put the DIY mantel above our bed in the master bedroom with vision of fresh garland and lights at Christmas. Here’s a recent snapshot of the Christmas mantel.  It looks better at night with the lights on.  I think I need new paint! And, with [Read more…]

A look at nooks …. and where mine is going…..

the little corner image nook1

I am obsessed with nooks! Reading, sleeping, snacking…. whatever. I’m not picky!  My {first} husband gets nervous when he sees me hovering over my tablet on Pinterest.  He knows it means he is giving up a Saturday!  These photos are what have me pinning!  Scroll to bottom to see where I want my  our nook. [Read more…]

Do you see an office behind these doors? Exactly! Check it out!


As  business owners, we have plenty of office space.  We  own a commercial property that is currently being leased, my  husband leases a small space in a commercial business park for very little money (it is cheaper than couples counseling- we did the math).  But my {first} husband still needs a home office.  But, he can’t [Read more…]

Two tone dresser: Stain & Paint: Before and After

nuss after desk 4.5

I wish I had the original photo of my {first} husband’s childhood dresser.  My mother-in-law could not get this out of her basement fast enough when we bought our first house.   It was a piece of my husband’s childhood, made by his grandfather ( born and raised in a small farming town in Nebraska).  It was painted a [Read more…]

Painting the Interior Doors Black: Before and After

garage door 6

I started a painting project a year and a half ago! I decided to paint one door black. I played it safe and started with my garage entry door. It was an easy decision when my first impression of my home was this door: EWWWW….. Here is the after… love it! Scroll down to bottom [Read more…]



Here are a few of my most popular posts for the year1. Here is a simple project to get rid of the brass hardware. We have a few rooms to go since we budgeted monthly for each room. Can’t forget the hinges!   This project and post was another favorite. It gave us the most bang [Read more…]

DIY Gate Tutorial

gate 3

This project inspiration is because of Donna’s amazing blog, Funky Junk Interiors. I literally get lost in her blog with so many projects, tutorials and her personal journey. Here is a project that caught my eye because it was relatively simple for a newbie on the power tool circuit. I made my gate wider and taller based [Read more…]

DIY Tombstones

graveyard tutorial 2

A few years ago I got tired of my styrofoam tombstones running away on those blustery fall days!   So I  asked my {first} husband to show me how to work the jigsaw to create a few sturdier tombstones.   Supplies needed: jigsaw, scrap plywood, stencils, paint of your choosing. As you can see this [Read more…]