Laundry Room starts with the soap.


Hi there- just  showing off a cheap, easy and super fast vinyl craft to corral my laundry cleaners.  I got tired of the the laundry detergent spilling all over the counter.  I put the soap in these inexpensive glass jars from Target.  Soap #2 is OxiClean.   LINKING TO:   I HEART NAPTIME  ELIZABETH & CO  HANDY [Read more...]

Vintage Tool Box Makeover

tool box pic

During my annual garage clean up (see post here for a few ideas) I found this vintage (real metal) tool box.  It was empty, taking up valuable shelf space and it was my {first} husband’s grandfather’s tool box.  He was the original DIY guy!  And, he clearly passed down his talents to my very handy [Read more...]

Organizing the Fruit!


I splurged last week on these berry baskets from Crate & Barrel.  It’s my ongoing quest to organize my refrigerator! Don’t these strawberries  look amazing?  My rationale for buying these cute ceramic baskets is if fruit is presenting in a cute container the family will be more inclined to eat more fruit.   I’m curious to [Read more...]

Pallets make great storage for scrap wood


What is so crazy about this idea is the solution has been in front of me for MONTHS!  I snagged a few pallets last summer with visions of creative genius. I’m still waiting.  I had a ton of scrap wood and lumber  that were precariously placed against the garage walls and in storage tubs.  Not [Read more...]

Canning Jars Re-purposed in the Kitchen


I love Costco!  I refer to Costco as a field trip for grownups! The only problem with buying bulk items is the storage. My refrigerator is stuffed with containers. I have a borderline crazy obsession with organizing my pantry and refrigerator. Clearly, I’m not that crazy as illustrated by my less than  organized refrigerator. I [Read more...]

It starts with a hook…


The idea started with a hook. A hook for the hangers.. a way to organize the laundry. You know, the never-ending quest to just make laundry eas{ier}.  Well, that isn’t go to happen, so at least I can make the laundry room look a little prettier! I used my power drill to attach the top shelf to back [Read more...]

Organizing the Photos


Organizing our photos was on the top of my January “to do” list.  Since our daughter is graduating from high school {sniff.sniff} she was the only one who had photos in the pre-digital film age.  This is dating myself!  But we have plenty of miscellaneous photos that just didn’t find their way to a photo [Read more...]

Baking Station … Sugar, Flour, Cocoa… Oh My!


Baking Station or as I like to call it THE CALORIE CABINET. When I am stressed I like to re-organize my kitchen cabinets and drawers and any and all items in my pantry.  I move cereal boxes from the top shelf to the lower pull out shelves.  I move the chips to the top shelf.  Or [Read more...]