Errands Tote : 2 Minute Tuesday


Hello- how was your weekend? We are in the final stretch before Halloween! We took a family walk last night with our new puppy to tire her out before her bedtime and were psyched to see all the Halloween lights and tombstones! We love night walks during the holidays! For me this time of year brings [Read more…]

Laundry Room Soap Jars


Hi there- just  showing off a cheap, easy and super fast vinyl craft to corral my laundry cleaners.  I got tired of the the laundry detergent spilling all over the counter.  I put the soap in these inexpensive glass jars from Target. Soap #1 is the detergent and  Soap #2 is OxiClean.   LINKING TO:   I HEART [Read more…]

Vintage Tool Box Makeover

tool box pic

During my annual garage clean up (see post here for a few ideas) I found this vintage (real metal) tool box.  It was empty, taking up valuable shelf space and it was my {first} husband’s grandfather’s tool box.  He was the original DIY guy!  And, he clearly passed down his talents to my very handy [Read more…]

Organizing the Fruit!


I splurged last week on these berry baskets from Crate & Barrel.  It’s my ongoing quest to organize my refrigerator! Don’t these strawberries  look amazing?  My rationale for buying these cute ceramic baskets is if fruit is presenting in a cute container the family will be more inclined to eat more fruit.   I’m curious to [Read more…]

Pallets make great storage for scrap wood


What is so crazy about this idea is the solution has been in front of me for MONTHS!  I snagged a few pallets last summer with visions of creative genius. I’m still waiting.  I had a ton of scrap wood and lumber  that were precariously placed against the garage walls and in storage tubs.  Not [Read more…]

Canning Jars Re-purposed in the Kitchen


I love Costco!  I refer to Costco as a field trip for grownups! The only problem with buying bulk items is the storage. My refrigerator is stuffed with containers. I have a borderline crazy obsession with organizing my pantry and refrigerator. Clearly, I’m not that crazy as illustrated by my less than  organized refrigerator. I [Read more…]

Decorative Hooks


The idea started with a hook. A hook for the hangers.. a way to organize the laundry. You know, the never-ending quest to just make laundry eas{ier}.  Well, that isn’t go to happen, so at least I can make the laundry room look a little prettier! I used my power drill to attach the top shelf to back [Read more…]