Mason Jar Breakfast on the Go

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Hi there- Anyone failing or falling behind on the back to school year promises of a home cooked  breakfast everyday!  After 4 days my boys were grabbing cereal and a juice box.  This is a part of my breakfast everyday. My Go-To Breakfast is made with dry oatmeal, Greek yogurt, blueberries and a sprinkle of chopped nuts.  Chopped [Read more...]

Fruit Dip with 1/2 the calories


Creamy Peanut Butter Dip and Fruit Slices   Hi everyone, Do you like your fruit plain or with a little something?  I usually go for the “organic” version {no dip}, but when I saw this recipe on  I thought I would try it.  Then, while preparing it I thought I was going to gag- …… [Read more...]

Cheeseburger Eggrolls!


My greatest weakness as a mother is my cooking skills. Hands Down!  I just don’t enjoy it: it’s overwhelming, the recipe always calls for a trip to the market, and I don’t have the patience to follow a recipe. I would usually blame my mother on this, but the truth is my 3 brothers are [Read more...]

Curry Cream Cheese and Chutney Spread


Warning:  This appetizer will have you grabbing the soup spoon to just scoop it out of the dish!  A friend brought this to a girls’ night out soiree. The coconut adds the sweet and the peanuts on top give it the salt. I think I ate 1/2 of the appetizer that night! I served it with crackers and [Read more...]

Fruit Salad Alternatives


Easter weekend I was asked to bring fruit salad for Easter dinner. I wanted to have some fun with the traditional fruit salad so I hopped on Pinterest and found some AMAZING fruit creations!  Mine are not amazing,  but I had fun and they were a hit with the kids.  I forgot to use the [Read more...]

Paw Cupcakes


I love these paw cupcakes! My sister found them on Pinterest  last summer so I pinned them to my board and FINALLY got to making these for my son’s birthday weekend! I think these remind me more of a polar bear paw print, but with green tinted coconut it might look more like a puppy [Read more...]

Sushi {Cake} Rolls


  Hi all-   So this is a recipe I found in Family Fun back in 2008.  Yes, it took me six years to make this recipe!  And, I must admit it is a very messy project!   However, I think this would be a great activity for a kid’s sleepover- what could go wrong with kids, frosting and 300 [Read more...]