Strawberries & Cookies


Strawberries & Cookies Some of my best ideas  are created out of boredom.  That’s what happened over the weekend when I had a package of Kroger wafer filled cookies,  fresh strawberries and a tube of green gel icing.  I paired a lovely chocolate crème filled wafer with a strawberry.  I was so lazy I didn’t even take the [Read more…]

Grilled Cheese Cookies


Hi everyone- Today I am so excited to share these  grilled cheese cookies! Yes you read this right! I am showing off my grilled cheese cookies!  I previously made the PB&J sandwiches HERE.  And, when they turned out sooo cute, I knew I had to try the other classic sandwich: the grilled cheese. Here is the [Read more…]

Lego Cookies

lego sugar cookies

Hi everyone- I had so much fun making my own  version the Lego cookies.  I found other versions online, but decided to go with pastel Legos made with the spring mix M&M’s.  From this view.. they really look like Lego’s! I used a square cookie cutter and just eyeballed it to cut each square  into a rectangle. [Read more…]

Mini Banana Bread & Recipe


Hi everyone- So excited to share this mini banana bread.  It’s the perfect size for banana bread on the go.  I purchased a Pampered Chef brownie pan in December (let’s call it a Christmas gift to myself). I have yet to use it for brownies, but I am loving the mini square shapes for breads.  I [Read more…]

Kid Friendly Muffin Pizzas


My kids love these! They are fun and easy and the ingredients are simple and flexible!  The options are endless!  Kid friendly muffin pizzas are my go-to dinner when the boys have friends over with little notice. Here is the closeup of the cheese, sauce and Canadian bacon.  I brushed olive oil on the English muffins!   I [Read more…]

How to Make Spaghetti Squash


 … and fool your kids into thinking it’s  pasta!  Well maybe not fool them, but at least get them to try it!  A  real estate colleague/tennis partner and I get together a couple times of year for lunch and sharing work stories (we were both realtors- I’m on sabbatical this year).  She is a great cook [Read more…]

Raspberries & Rolos


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is a quick chocolate treat for the family. Seriously 2 ingredients you can buy at the grocery store. Are you ready?  Rolos and a basket of raspberries!  The perfect combination of chocolate and fruit.  Serve responsibly: you can’t stop with just one!

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine  Treats logo

Here are some favorite Valentine Treats at our house! I have served these  Rolo-berries all through the year! They are the perfect mix of chocolate and fruit.  They are great no matter what the season. And, the best part …. no mess!!! Here is another Valentine Treat. Valentine Sandwich Cookies. I originally talked about this [Read more…]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies


I am in love with these peanut butter and jelly  cookies.  I first saw the adorable peanut butter and jelly  sandwich cookies over at http://www.ericasweettooth .com and knew I had to make. I love how these peanut butter and jelly cookies turned out.  It  is rare for a my recipes to turn out so well. Don’t [Read more…]

Cookie Donuts


Hi everyone- Well here is a first at I’m Not a Trophy Wife- I actually baked cookies to look like the donuts and I must say the results are impressive {for my baking talents}.  I found the cookie donuts  in the cookbook, The Smart Cookie- at least I think that is the title because that is the hashtag [Read more…]

Homemade Dog Treats.. 3 1/2 ingredients

2014-10-17 16.11.34

A little free time always benefits my dogs, Tanner & Chloe.  Usually, free time is in the form of an extra walk, but this week with the super  cold temps I decided to make them some early Valentine Treats. Don’t they look like they need some homemade dog treats? One of them is overly dramatic! Can you guess [Read more…]