Cookie Donuts


Hi everyone- Well here is a first at I’m Not a Trophy Wife- I actually baked cookies to look like the donuts and I must say the results are impressive {for my baking talents}.  I found the cookie donuts  in the cookbook, The Smart Cookie- at least I think that is the title because that is the hashtag [Read more…]

Mitten Sugar Cookies & Recipe


I love practicing my cookie decorating skills with a batch of sugar cookie dough on a snowy weekend. I am practicing on a mitten theme this month.   In January, it’s a mitten theme.  I also like to stick to one design to make a streamlined assembly line.   I made these mitten cookies  to mail to my daughter and her roommates in the cold, mid-west [Read more…]

My sister told me I need new material….


My sister was my first follower.  Blog Follower.  Actually, this is not true. She can’t bother herself to actually “follow” me, but she logs in and checks out my posts when she doesn’t want to grade 8th grade English papers.  Yep, she thinks of my blog when she is avoiding her least favorite school related task.. [Read more…]