Little Blog Design Pick Me Up from Rhonda Jai !


Hi there-  I am so excited to share my new header and sidebar designs.


I had a minimal budget and big ideas.  I have used Etsy for design work on our company website (  So a quick search on Etsy for the Adorable Child theme got me to Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional  Designs.   She works with WordPress and Blogger!


I don’t think Rhonda sleeps!  I would send  her a general inquiry and I would get a response within hours!  And, this happened through a series of like 24 email exchanges (I tend to overthink things).

I ended up loving her header the best so she tweaked her Etsy  headert to make it mine and matched the sidebar widgets.  For a small fee she installed both for me. Love her!


If you are looking for a budget friendly mini lift for your blog stop by Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional Designs.



Pardon the mess… I’m Not a Trophy Wife is getting a little nip/tuck!

INATW blog header 2012

My blog, I’m Not a Trophy wife is getting tweaked.. a little nip/tuck!  Yay!!!!

Gwen over at THIS BOLD GIRL has worked with me on my successful migration to wordpress. She continues to work with me on the design of I’m Not a Trophy Wife blog.  I told her working with me is “job security” during the holidays!!!