Little Blog Design Pick Me Up from Rhonda Jai !


Hi there-  I am so excited to share my new header and sidebar designs. I had a minimal budget and big ideas.  I have used Etsy for design work on our company website (  So a quick search on Etsy for the Adorable Child theme got me to Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional  Designs.   She [Read more…]

Coming out of the {Blog} Closet

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This is my Coming out of the Blog Closet Post… a very rough draft describing my career path over the past eight years.  I started this summary for my LinkedIn profile.  In our house, we call this type of  draft a “sloppy copy” : The same year I became a licensed real estate agent, I  became a partner in [Read more…]

Top Posts for 2013 ~ I’m Not a Trophy Wife

2013 review

What a great year for projects and ideas at I’m Not a Trophy Wife. For one thing,   I got a big girl logo! I also started a Friday Favorites party complete with a party button: I continue to navigate through my transition to WordPress (in September 2012).  I have lost my mind over this [Read more…]

Groupon Daily Deal- Denver for

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The following  is a sponsored post. Rover. com is running a Groupon Daily Deal in the Denver-metro area from today, December 5-December 9th. This deal offers new customers up to 60% off their first booking with a dog sitter on, and is available to use nationwaide.  Here is the Denver Deal on Groupon Have [Read more…]

Guest Post by Kirby at Kirb Appeal

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Below is a post of a blogger friend of mine in North Carolina. Please visit her blog at Kirb Appeal. Kirby is the one on the left.  I first read her post because her first name caught my attention.  My daughter has a friend named Kirby and  how do I put this: “this” Kirby is [Read more…]

Flash Mob Follow Party for 48 Hours!

Hey, how about a Flash Mob Facebook Follow Party. Just add your name to the list and let’s see how many followers we can get in the next 48 hours!  Leave me a comment and Follow Me on Facebook.  That’s It! Add your Facebook Page or Blog (we will find your FB page)!