Back to School Series #4: How to Organize Math Problems

graph paper

Can you believe it is the new school year!  Geez!  I am reposting this suggestion on how to better organize math problems (think columns, those annoying addition mistakes because your columns were not lined up- sorry I am having a flashback)!  Not to be confused with a hot flash- yet! Ha! This suggestion was provided [Read more…]

Back to School Series #3: Dyslexia and Clues We Missed


Welcome to the Back to School Sunday Series. Reposting for the new school year.  Some of my most heartfelt posts are the ones written about my son’s diagnosis of dyslexia when he was in kindergarten.  There are so many misconceptions and fears about a suspected dyslexia diagnosis. I was asked by one reader what signs or [Read more…]

Back to School Series #2 : Dan Gutman: The Power of One Author


Welcome to the Back To School Series at I’m Not a Trophy Wife.  For the month of August I am compiling suggestions that helped our family manage our youngest son’s reading delays.  His diagnosis of mild dyslexia at the University of Colorado Speech and Hearing Center  changed the direction of his academic path.   I [Read more…]

Reluctant Reader Suggestions :Back to School Series


 Hi everyone-  How is your weekend? I wanted to kickoff the first Sunday in August with my new Back to School Sunday Series for the month of August: Suggestions related to reluctant readers, delayed readers or children diagnosed with dyslexia.  Or, just for kids who would rather do anything BUT READ.   It’s not about the label, [Read more…]

Dyslexia: Think Dyfferent.


Here is the public service announcement that runs in my head: My child does not write his letters backwards. My child excels in math. My child is the best speller out of my three children. My child is funny. My child works hard for his grades. My child can read. My child is kind. My [Read more…]

Dyslexia Myslexia… “Mom it’s a cup without a bottom”

prepositions of place

Oh… I love my little guy!  Listening to my son talk about his day is like playing a game of charades.  He has all of the information and details in his head.  It’s getting the words out that turns into 20 questions. His words are not wrong.  It’s just he tends  to think outside the box and [Read more…]

Dyslexia Resources

i love dyslexia

The following resources were recommended to us by the University of Colorado Speech, Language and Hearing Center.  The main phone number is 303.492.5375 or   I have not read the book on the list below.  It is on my list to read! However, I have found Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz, MD to be [Read more…]

Dyslexia…suggestions for parents


Here are 5 simple suggestions that we found helpful for our son, Evan, who was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten: 1. Visit your local library for books on disc. These are great for the car where your child can follow along with his book while the disc plays. 2. Make friends with your librarian. They are [Read more…]

Oh What a Difference a Preposition can Make for a Child with Dyslexia

prepositions of place

Prepositions of place and value. Most of us don’t even think about prepositions of place or  directional prepositions: under, over, before, after, through, among, between, beside, below, down, across, above, towards. I never did.  For most of us prepositions are ingrained in our brains. For a dyslexic, prepositions can be mind numbing, frustrating roadblocks to a thought [Read more…]