Weekend Finds: Crate & Barrel Milk Jug

milk jug

Hi everyone- How is your weekend?  The other day I ran into Crate & Barrel for a birthday gift and came out with this cute milk jug!  How does that happen. I have seen this at Crate & Barrel before, but with spring in the air, I decided to grab this cute little milk jug. [Read more…]

Weekend Finds at World Market: Stackable Glasses


Hi everyone- How is your weekend?  Our weekend was filled with rugby games (a Jesuit tournaments against a mid-west Jesuit high school) and tennis practice for my younger guy! It was a lot of traveling back and forth between the two events.  But, somehow I was  able to sneak in  few errands in between games. Here [Read more…]

Weekend Finds at Pottery Barn


Hi everyone- Crazy weekend with rugby games, tennis practice, working on  basement  remodel and removing built in shelves and a desk for our baby girl’s  (college age) room.  But!!!!  I was able to sneak in a few minutes to run into Pottery Barn. I’m not a big fan of hanging at the mall, but I was in [Read more…]

Window Inspiration

findinghomeonline window

I have windows on the mind.    So I am spending way too much  time looking for  window  ideas!  What did we do before Pinterest?  Here is the current state of my windows and the post is HERE .  Taking suggestions.   And, here’s some options I am loving: Wrong season, but loving this for next year.. actually [Read more…]

Mis-matched windows and trim.


Oh I need help! I think I screwed up my new  kitchen windows.  The  windows through out my house our the vinyl almond color, so when the Home Depot window guy met with us and asked what color windows we wanted we both said, “almond.”  Actually, my {first} husband didn’t use the word almond, but something along the line [Read more…]

Organize: One drawer at a time .. this is exasperating!

junk drawer

It’s January and for many people it is the month to get organized.  It’s my goal too until my list gets to three pages and my OCD mind starts making sub-lists and then subcategories of the  sub-lists of the original list.  The organizing experts – how does one get that designation? – suggest tackling one [Read more…]

Cleaning the Grease on Kitchen Appliances: 2 Minute Tuesdays


 I have a disorder: recipe aversion disorder. It’s a disorder that leads to a popularity contest between the small appliances: microwave, toaster oven and the beloved quesadilla maker. Each of these appliances help ME  feed my family. Cheese and pasta cover up a multitude of recipe mishaps! And heres the segue for this 2 minute Tuesday post. [Read more…]

Trader Joe’s Kitchen Cloths


Hi everyone- I am in love with Trader Joe’s. Finding new favorites each week is the gift that keeps on giving!  The staff are incredibly happy and helpful.  Trader Joe’s, small layout and quality TJ brands,  proves “more is less.” Here is what I am crushing on this week: Reusable, washable and fewer paper towels.  I used these [Read more…]

What a photographer taught me about fruit

clementine decor

Hopefully you are reading this with that great hook in the title.  One of my kids loves fruit. I buy fruit  in bulk because he will eat a 1/2 dozen Cutie oranges after school.  As always, when I buy fruits and veggies in bulk I am always faced with where to store the produce so the family eats it!  So this [Read more…]

Soup Bowls : Favorite Finds


Seriously, I am learning to cook because of my soup bowls.   The official name is the double handled soup crocks.  It was love at first sight when I spotted these on display at World Market last year.  I spent 15 minutes debating about the color.  I went with a shade of green, but now I have my heart [Read more…]

Thrift-day Thursday


 I’m trying, really trying to stay out of the discount home stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.  But, there is some magnetic pull that sucks me in between errands or juggling carpools.  So it must have been fate or that magnetic pull that lead me to these dish towels on the clearance endcap!  What have [Read more…]

LOVE! My auto sensor pantry light!


Hi everyone- Let me acknowledge that this idea was my {first} husband’s suggestion. And, when I first heard him mention it I was like, “Yeah, that sounds great… don’t forget to pick up primer at the Depot.”  So the last phase of our pantry makeover project  was the installation of this: This is an auto motion sensor [Read more…]

Pantry Makeover: Before and After


If a pantry is any indication of one’s mental health: I am headed for a 72 hour psych hold!  Here was the current state of my pantry in January : BEFORE: A VIEW FROM THE FLOOR… DURING:  What was I thinking with this color?  Not even my dogs liked this color! Here was my inspiration: [Read more…]