LOVE! My auto sensor pantry light!


Hi everyone- Let me acknowledge that this idea was my {first} husband’s suggestion. And, when I first heard him mention it I was like, “Yeah, that sounds great… don’t forget to pick up primer at the Depot.”  So the last phase of our pantry makeover project  was the installation of this: This is an auto motion sensor [Read more...]

Pantry Makeover: Before and After


If a pantry is any indication of one’s mental health: I am headed for a 72 hour psych hold!  Here was the current state of my pantry in January : BEFORE: A VIEW FROM THE FLOOR… DURING What was I thinking with this color?  Not even my dogs liked this color! Here was my inspiration: [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me


The running joke in my family is that mom buys what she really wants! No amount of online links or photos of my wish list work.  I even posted this on Instagram since my children are over Facebook!   I actually ordered this from Crate and Barrel the day after Christmas when it didn’t show up under the tree!  The good news [Read more...]

Organizing the Fruit!


I splurged last week on these berry baskets from Crate & Barrel.  It’s my ongoing quest to organize my refrigerator! Don’t these strawberries  look amazing?  My rationale for buying these cute ceramic baskets is if fruit is presenting in a cute container the family will be more inclined to eat more fruit.   I’m curious to [Read more...]

Cute Cocoa Mason Jars


Here’s my candy cane hot cocoa station for the winter. I put my new candy cane mix and pink/white marshmallows in mason jars. What is it about a mason jar that makes everything cuter?                                           [Read more...]

Garland and Holly in the Kitchen


    Sometimes the simplest of ideas, make the biggest impact!  I bought a bundle of pine tree boughs at our tree farm and decided to add them to my light fixture in the kitchen.  I wanted to do something easy and inexpensive with my light fixture. I love the green with the pop of [Read more...]

Buh Buh Oak Bar Stools

during bench

I started this project with a simple question, “I wonder how these bar stools would look painted black?” And, here is the finished project after many hours of priming, painting, drying, and sealing. Lessons Learned: 1. Set up an assembly linee of the bar stools 2. Multiple paint brushes for primer, paint and sealer 3. [Read more...]