DIY Wall Chalkboard Calendar


Hi there- I am soooo excited to show off this project.  A few months ago I finished my office makeover project HERE.  As you can see I had a large blank wall behind my desk.  I was so proud of this makeover because it was all me.  So I wanted a DIY project that would [Read more…]

Dark Stain to Bright White Sofa Table: Before and After


I seriously think I could paint every stained piece of furniture I own a shade of white.  With hardwood floors and dark furniture I need to brighten it up!  I love this transformation of a sofa table/book case.  I moved it from our master bedroom to the dining room. I love what less than a [Read more…]

Front Door: Stain to White Paint!


I did it!  I painted my stained from interior door white!  A few months  Six months ago I posted my front door dilemma  HERE. But here is the abbreviated version and the before photos if you don’t want to get side tracked!  Stained door adjacent to white interior door.  All of our interior doors are painted [Read more…]

Easy Idea on Finding {paint} Inspiration for a Child’s Bedroom

parker tennis promotion

In the evolution of my boys’ bedroom, I learned a quick(er) path to finding a paint color!  If  you and your child  are getting stuck in the negotiations of paint colors for his/her room look to his/her interests to find your color board.  I went with all things tennis related. Thank you Adidas, Wilson, Head and Nike for [Read more…]

Quick Painting Tip


Here’s quick painting tip with only one picture!   This is perfect when doing touchups or switching between multiple paint colors. In my case, I was using primer and a high gloss white. This saved me time on cleanup. It’s the same concept of using multiple frosting bags.  I grabbed this handled paint bucket from Home [Read more…]

Bookcase Makeover: Before and After


Hi everyone- I don’t know why I never noticed this, but I have a lot of dark wood furniture!  And, I am over it.  Yes, my son would say, “hashtag suburban mom probs.”  So when I saw this before/after project on BH& of a very similar bookcase I knew I could do this. Before: Here [Read more…]

Tutorial: How to paint 26 cabinet pulls in seconds!!!

2014-03-15 09.10.51

I wanted a quick change in the  laundry room. I had the original chrome pulls.. actually… these chrome pulls are updates from the original brassy  finish.   I know, I know… #suburbanmomprobs” is what my son would call this post . And I found these egg knob pulls over at Classic Door Hardware . The egg shape was fun and different.  They [Read more…]

Milk Can Transformation


  I found this milk can at a yard sale a few years ago.  I dragged it home where my {first} husband expressed concern that I might be exhibiting signs of hoarder-ness.   He likes new!  He doesn’t like the idea of someone else’s stuff taking up space in our home.  So I did  what I do [Read more…]

Two tone dresser: Stain & Paint: Before and After

nuss after desk 4.5

I wish I had the original photo of my {first} husband’s childhood dresser.  My mother-in-law could not get this out of her basement fast enough when we bought our first house.   It was a piece of my husband’s childhood, made by his grandfather ( born and raised in a small farming town in Nebraska).  It was painted a [Read more…]

To Paint or Not to Paint the {Stained} Front Door: Need Feedback!

front door 2

Here’s the question: do I paint the interior side of our front {stained} door?  The exterior side front door got a much needed update when our exterior was painted last summer.  But, the inside has remained unchanged.  Here is our exterior front door with our most recent exterior paint job from this summer.  I love [Read more…]

Painting the Interior Doors Black: Before and After

garage door 6

I started a painting project a year and a half ago! I decided to paint one door black. I played it safe and started with my garage entry door. It was an easy decision when my first impression of my home was this door: EWWWW….. Here is the after… love it! Scroll down to bottom [Read more…]

DIY Tombstones

graveyard tutorial 2

A few years ago I got tired of my styrofoam tombstones running away on those blustery fall days!   So I  asked my {first} husband to show me how to work the jigsaw to create a few sturdier tombstones.   Supplies needed: jigsaw, scrap plywood, stencils, paint of your choosing. As you can see this [Read more…]