DIY Winter Wreath

Hi everyone- It’s funny to post a winter wreath when we had temps as high as 70 last weekend in Denver. Seriously, where’s the snow? We need snow. Now, if you are over the snow you can still make this DIY winter wreath and save it for next winter! So I made this DIY Winter Wreath with 3.5 items. And, it took 10 minutes.


I used a round Styrofoam wreath form and decided to use some left over cheesecloth                       from this popular project to wrap around the form. I was concerned the green would peak         through the yarn.


Step 2: I wrapped the form twice to get maximum coverage and fluffiness. Loving the fluffy look! It reminds me of the Pottery Barn winter blanket I have had my eye on for 2 years!


step 3: There is no step #3. It looks like I got carried away with my graphics.


This is the fluffy creamy white yarn I found at Michaels. I love this stuff! It’s what a cloud would feel like if it was made out of $4.99 yarn (before sale price).


Love it!


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