Clear the Clutter : 2 Minute Tuesday Idea

Hi all~ Do you ever feel you have so much to do that the thought of doing one thing paralyzes you? Sometimes I have so much to do and in an attempt to tackle one of the projects, I get distracted and end up just adding to my master list.  For this 2 Minute Tuesday I challenge encourage you to take 2 minutes to clear one area, drawer, corner or shelf.


Here are my clutter corners. I have a corner in my dining room  that I tuck miscellaneous crap into if I am too busy lazy to relocate to it’s proper place.  I mean seriously it takes less time to move it than it does to prop it up in a corner.  Does this look familiar to anyone?  I couldn’t decide if I wanted these Ikea bath mats so I just left them in the dining room. Makes sense to me.

diningroomclutter My logic makes no sense. Don’t believe me…. This is the corner of misfit furniture.  This is where furniture goes waiting to be relocated, donated or sold online or at a garage sale. It is in the corner of our bedroom. The pink Pottery Barn chair is now our puppy’s chaise. The pink desk chair was in our daughter’s room until I started to paint it before she comes home this summer for an internship!

masterbedroom1.1 So for this 2 Minute Tuesday Idea  give yourself 2 minutes to declutter.. what’s it going to be? GO!

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