Updating a Vase with Spray Paint

I am over my love affair with red.  I like a little bit, but at some point I decided every accessory in my TJ MAXX hoarder closet needed to be red.  Love this vase but the red clashes and just doesn’t say spring. The red vase was in need of an intervention so I updated it with a can of spray paint, instantly transforming it from a red, dated vase to a fresh white!  I didn’t know I was allowed to even do this? Like it had never been done in our house!

red vase

 A few rounds of Heirloom White spray paint and ..hello sexy, lighter vase. Love it. Simple and Easy.


What have you transformed with a can of spray paint?


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    Bright and White sure does make it a classic now. Your going to laugh…but I have an old $10 coffee table. It has been ran to death with toy cars all over the top of it. I revamped it by covering the top with contact paper. Wipes clean and wow….fake marble to boot!

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    I too love red…a lot of the accent colors throughout my house are red…(I even have a red couch).

    I need to pull some stuff out and invest in more spray paint.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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