DIY Dog Toys | 2 Minute Tuesday

 dIY dog toys

Our Bernese Mountain puppy recently celebrated her first birthday which technically means she is not a puppy.  The issue is Chloe (aka Chlo-jo) does not know about this milestone and her once cute bad habits are getting quite costly.   She is a bit mouthy- not the sassy type- but rather her love of all non-living, semi porous objects :  the deck, the corner of our house, every shoe that is not on a shelf 4 feet off the ground, 5 baseball hats,  my foam roller, a new rug,  a roll of blue painter’s tape … you get the idea. I woof her so much!!


So until she starts a few “tutoring sessions”  in August I am trying to find new ways to entertain her in the early morning. Oh did I mention she wakes up by 5am Her human daddy walks her at 6:30, making  it the longest 90 minutes from feeding her to waving goodbye as they go out for a quick mile!

We have Kongs but inevitably they roll under the grill or couch. I came up with this dog toy idea when i found a stash of wiffle balls headed out the door to Goodwill, compliments of my daughter cleaning her room of her high school mementos.  Just add peanut butter and toss:


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