Fun Puppy Finds and Puppy Snoring Video

We are in puppy heaven right now with a 16  week old Bernese Mountain puppy, Chloe!  Of course, during the crate and potty training we nicknamed her Cujo (1990’s movie reference.. or was it the 1980’s) and Crazy Eyes (from Orange is the New Black). But, look at this precious face during the day!  We are soooo in love with this puppy (and breed).  She is the perfect partner in crime for our eight year old Australian Shepherd.


Some of my favorites is the Bronco dog jersey and the pink puffy vest.  My boys would freak if I put Chloe in either one of these outfits, but just getting to see their reaction might be worth it!  I found the Bronco dog jersey at Marshalls- I may need to go back.

Denver Broncos Dog Mesh Jersey

Source Here

This pink puffy vest is the called the North Paw!

View Image 3 of North Paw Vibrant Puffy Dog Vest - Pink

Source Here

Chloe snoring after her first snow. She crashed hard right next to my desk. I’m turning into “one of those” dog owners:


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