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Hi Everyone- I am in love with this bunny image printable.   The best part is you don’t have to drain your printer’s ink!  I emailed my local printer (Office Max soon to be Staples) with the graphic below and asked for the image to print to an 18×24 printable. The cost for the 18×24 printable: $2.11.  This price was definitely worth the time it took to pick it up and the ink saved to print on my printer. And, I run from any tutorials on how to print a large graphic on separate sheets of paper. Never. Going. to. Happen. People!  Never.  So this is how the bunny image printable looked when I picked it up at OfficeMax: bunny1

So in true me fashion I rushed to get it printed and then it sat on the dining room table for a week while I figured out  what to do with the image.  I decided my DIY chalkboard in my dining room needed a little Bunny-izing:


And, then I decided she needed some embellishments. Loving it!  $2.11 and I have the template for future projects!

2015-03-08 19.51.35

Click HERE for the printable image. Save it as a jpg and it’s good to go to your printer’s inbox!  Confirm sizing options with your local printer.

bunny image


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