I love lists, coffee, running and my blog. I am in love with my children, my {first} husband, my dogs, my friends and family. Something most people don’t know about me is my dad was in the seminary to become a priest.  No there was no scandal, but he jokes the he thought he had the calling but it was the wrong number. My husband and I own a med device company and my husband is in his 4th year of a healthcare start up specializing in digital health. Some days it is exasperating. My friends say I remind them of  Julia Louis Dreyfus in her role as Christine from the New Adventures of the Old Christine. On a whim, a dare or maybe the little voice in the back of my head,  I started a blog,  It was an outlet to chronicle the struggles of juggling two jobs, the moving bits and pieces of a three active children, the constant angst of two parents who constantly juggle the daily management  of  “cash flow.”  My blog was a virtual “dear diary,” chronicling our DIY projects and the decisions  we  routinely made as small business owners.  Our objective:  to do what it takes to support our kids’ academic and athletic  interests. And, a funny thing happened along the way:  In late 2013, this little blog, my tiny corner of creativity, my therapy (taking place on a social  media platform and not on a couch) started to gain national attention from a few (kind of)  famous people and several national brands and companies.  All of which had one thing in common:  each found me and  my writing style to be honest, creative and entertaining.  Creating and managing content for brands on social media/and national websites is a great way to balance the contract driven demands of real estate and small business ownership.    And, I love it!                      


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    Enjoyed your story I only hope that one day some of these people will find my little ol’ blog.

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

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