Privacy to Windows in Minutes


privacy windows in minutes | 2 minute tuesdays Here is an easy and thrifty way to add privacy to window in minutes. Seriously: minutes!  The hardest part is deciding the type of pattern or shape to use to your window.  All you need is a maker, clear contact paper, scissors and a ruler or tape [Read more…]

Guest Bathroom Essentials | 2 Minute Tuesdays


guest bathroom essentials | 2 minute Tuesdays Here’s a few guest bathroom essentials!  Our guest bathroom is on the main level so it gets a lot of traffic of kids, neighbors, friends and just about anyone else in need of a bathroom! I have a pedestal sink (for now) and no storage except for a [Read more…]

Décor in Minutes | 2 Minute Tuesdays


décor in minutes | 2 Minute Tuesdays The seasons fly by so fast and if I didn’t love spending time decorating for the seasons and holidays (there is a difference) I would call it a huge sane drain!  But, I love the seasons and holidays and LOVE to decorate.  My friends give me a hard [Read more…]

DIY Wreath in Minutes


DIY WREATH | 2 MINUTE TUESDAY This is the easiest diy  wreath evuh!  I like to think of it as a “base” wreath for which all seasons can be added. The supplies include a grapevine wreath and moss.  It’s the base for when I either have more than two minutes or when I am inspired to [Read more…]

Thrifty Patio Lighting in Minutes


Hi Everyone-   We are addressing multiple issues in our yard!  We have outdoor lighting but we have a few pockets in the yard and our patio that have little or no light.  With a new puppy I wanted to have some way of finding her for her midnight bathroom breaks! So I snagged a few of [Read more…]

How to Keep Outdoor Foam Cushions Dry


Outdoor Foam Cushions Dry | 2 Minute Tuesday Hey, here’s an easy idea I came up with to keep outdoor foam cushions dry during the rainy afternoons.  I recently purchased  Ikea cushions to replace my mold filled foam cushions.  I didn’t take a photo- I should have!   I  was itching to put my new patio cushions outside [Read more…]

What lurks behind your dryer?


What lurks behind your dryer| 2 Minute Tuesday Idea I should postthis around Halloween because it is scary what I found behind my dryer.  And, I must admit this post is a bit of a stretch for a 2 Minute Tuesday idea, but I guess it takes less than 2 minutes to sneak a peak.  Here’s [Read more…]

Nature’s Miracle: Not just for pets

nature's recipe

 Nature’s Miracle | Sweat Stink | 2 Minute Tuesday Hey there- How many of you rely on Nature’s Miracle for your pet’s accidents? Here’s my little um … miracle mess makers below. But did you know that Nature’s Miracle works on other messes? My sister told me Nature’s Miracle is great on workout clothes.  And, [Read more…]

Have you checked the ingredients? |2 Minute Tuesday


Hey there- For this week’s 2 Minute Tuesday, I am sharing a simple suggestion my sister shared with me that is surprisingly easy and productive: check  the ingredient list on your favorite snacks! The results may surprise you and help you make better choices at the grocery store.  My sister shared with me why this snack cracker [Read more…]

Spring Plates in Minutes : 2 Minute Tuesday

plates 2.5brighter

Hi there- Okay I kind of  love this very easy spring plate idea for this week’s 2 Minute Tuesday.  I  am a bit of a dish whore- I love plates, mugs, salad plates. With every season, I need my plates to represent!  The issue with being a dish whore is that I get a little tight on [Read more…]

Clear the Clutter : 2 Minute Tuesday Idea


Hi all~ Do you ever feel you have so much to do that the thought of doing one thing paralyzes you? Sometimes I have so much to do and in an attempt to tackle one of the projects, I get distracted and end up just adding to my master list.  For this 2 Minute Tuesday [Read more…]

Clean the Lunch Box in Dishwasher


Lunch Box in Dishwasher | 2 Minute Tuesday Hi there- I’ve got less than a month before daughter arrives home for Easter so I am literally throwing stuff in drawers, trying to get some spring décor crafts together and hauling bags of “someone else’s treasures to dust” to Goodwill.  Yikes! But, I wanted to share my [Read more…]

Dog Collar Favorite Find on Etsy : 2 Minute Tuesday


Hi everyone- Hey, I chose this dog collar favorite find on Etsy  for my 2 Minute Tuesdays.  Here’s why: in  under 2 minutes I purchased not one, but two dog collars!  I may have a mild addiction to Etsy.. sneaking around on the site, making more than one purchase at a time, hiding the goods in the [Read more…]