Ghost donuts


Hi there- Donuts are my crack! Once I eat one I am in for the box!  So I was hesitant to make Halloween theme donuts because of the temptation to eat the “practice ghosts.”  Oh.. the sacrifices we make for our blogs! We have all seen the Spider Donuts. I did my version HERE.   But, [Read more...]

Outdoor running essentials…


Hi there- It’s done! I finished my first 1/2 marathon. It was pretty good until mile 12 and then I felt the  symptoms of low blood sugar. I didn’t know that’s why I  was almost in tears and felt very nauseous. Of course, I thought “This is what a heart attack feels like.”  And, I had [Read more...]

Why am I running my first 1/2 marathon? Because I CAN!

rock and roll

Hi there- If you are reading this before noon MST hopefully I finished  my first 1/2 marathon!  I decided 5 months ago at a dinner party with friends (the couple hosting are avid runners) to run a 1/2 marathon.   Our friends  encouraged me to pick a race and commit to it (register and pay)!   And so I [Read more...]

The Pin Junkie 2 Year Blogiversary Linky Party

pin junkie

Two years ago, Bonnie a.k.a. The Pin Junkie decided to actually do the things she pinned on Pinterest.  She made a few crafts, tried a few recipes and had so much fun, she wanted to share her love of Pinterest with everyone and The Pin Junkie was born!  Now she’s completely addicted and working her [Read more...]

Spider Donuts


Hi there- I have seen these all over Pinterest this year and they are too  cute. The ingredient list is short and the cute factor is huge. Here’s what you need: Chocolate  cake donuts (I used Hostess- in the bread aisle at Target), green M&M’s, roundish shaped pretzels, frosting to attach the M&M’s.

Puppy Paw Prints across Our Hearts and Pumpkins!


Hi Everyone- We are in puppy heaven and I just had to add a little bit of our Bernese Mountain puppy bundle of fur  into our décor.  I found an old paw print stencil and added a  few paw prints… The only thing I would do differently is give the pumpkins a bath! This makes [Read more...]

Friday Favorites #83: Features & Party~ Not a Trophy Wife


HI everyone- How are you all doing? This month is flying by!  So how many of you have the best of intentions to  organize or plan your blog posts and then get lost in Pinterest?  On to the party! Thanks for  joining Friday Favorites!  I am so happy to have Heather at  Our Life in a Click. , [Read more...]

Monster in the Toilet


Hi there- I included this cute vinyl  on a previous post on boys bathrooms HERE .    BUT(T), it’s so cute I had to show it off one more time!  Scroll below to find it online. Found this fun vinyl at Sweet Peas Unique Gifts  HERE  (on Etsy). LINKING TO: FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS  CRAFT DICTATOR  

Tickle My Tastebuds #22

trophy wife 250

Welcome to Tickle My Tastebuds Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by and joining our party! We would love if you shared this party via your favorite social media platform.   Laura @ I’m Not A Trophy Wife – Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Google + [Read more...]

Boy Bathroom Ideas…the ever popular i-plunge.


If you have boys you hate bathrooms! Am I right? It doesn’t matter if they are two or forty two!  Some mornings I need disposable gloves and a hazmat suit.  And,  the moment you reach to raise the toilet seat…. make the visual stop!  I will never understand how a towel  never meets a towel bar, [Read more...]

Friday Favorites #82 ~ Features & Party~ @notatrophywife


HI everyone I made it through my new theme, slight domain name change, a Bloglovin mixup with my RSS -feed!  Three years ago I wouldn’t know what  that last sentence meant. But, I made it!  I will write a post and share the resources and help I found on Etsy.   Hi all ~In cast [Read more...]