Wicker Chair Update


Hi there- Here is a project from the archives as we are on a spring break! I wanted to share this wicker chair update  as the garage sales ramp up this time of year. It’s a great example of not judging a piece of furniture by it’s current state!  Don’t be so quick to walk past a [Read more…]

Emperor of All Maladies : PBS Documentary

emperor book

Hi everyone- this review is from the archives, but I am bringing it back today because PBS is airing a 3 part documentary on the book, Emperor of All Maladies starting Monday night.  This books goes into tremendous detail about the history of cancer. The Emperor of all Maladies PBS special presents a documentary and snapshot of where we have [Read more…]

Trader Joe’s Multi Purpose Cleaner: Weekend Finds


Hi everyone- We are on spring break in California this week!  We are enjoying some sun, tennis and rugby matches!  For this week’s Weekend Finds I wanted to share one of my favorite all purpose cleaners at Trader Joe’s.  What’s your weekend find this weekend?

Friday Favorites #102 Features & Party


Hi Everyone- Happy almost weekend!  We are headed to California for a few days to check out some college tennis and rugby matches at a few campuses.  Our daughter flies home next Thursday for the Easter holiday weekend (she attends a Jesuit college). We are most excited to get a few days away from our [Read more…]

Easy Canvas Project

A few years ago I surprised my family with this Prayer of Saint Francis printable on Valentine’s Day. I uploaded it to an online source and they custom formatted it to resemble the subway art I love. I paid a lot for this custom canvas and I don’t know if my family appreciated the effort [Read more…]

Clear the Clutter : 2 Minute Tuesday Idea


Hi all~ Do you ever feel you have so much to do that the thought of doing one thing paralyzes you? Sometimes I have so much to do and in an attempt to tackle one of the projects, I get distracted and end up just adding to my master list.  For this 2 Minute Tuesday [Read more…]

#wearyellowforseth on March 27th


Hi Everyone- I found this story online and wanted to share it at the beginning of the week. Who is Seth and why should you wear yellow on March 27th?  Click HERE for his journey  or watch the short video his parents made: !  Want to participate and support Seth please post a photo of yourself wearing [Read more…]

Bunny Image Printable


Hi Everyone- I am in love with this bunny image printable.   The best part is you don’t have to drain your printer’s ink!  I emailed my local printer (Office Max soon to be Staples) with the graphic below and asked for the image to print to an 18×24 printable. The cost for the 18×24 printable: $2.11.  This price was definitely worth the [Read more…]

Weekend Finds: Trader Joe’s: Joe-Joes


HI everyone- So I shared earlier my cute little milk jug I found at Crate & Barrel last week.  For my weekend finds this week  I am sharing  my new favorite version of the classic Oreo. I know some of you won’t even consider trying anything but an Oreo- I get it! But, if you are [Read more…]

Friday Favorites #101 Features, Party & Funny Commercial


Hi Everyone- It’s Friday, well almost Friday! Hey before we kick off the Friday Favorites party I want to share this funny commercial from Italy.  It’s the Friday Funny with Friday Favorites! It’s only 41 seconds and then on to the party: Morgan, Emily, Heather and I are the weekly co-hosts for Friday Favorites. We would love [Read more…]

Mini Banana Bread & Recipe


Hi everyone- So excited to share this mini banana bread.  It’s the perfect size for banana bread on the go.  I purchased a Pampered Chef brownie pan in December (let’s call it a Christmas gift to myself). I have yet to use it for brownies, but I am loving the mini square shapes for breads.  I [Read more…]

Painting Tip: 2 Minute Tuesday


HI everyone- I have been busy painting this winter.  Rooms and touchups.  We have several “bump outs” that were painted a deep Merlot and it is driving me crazy! I am in the mood for lighter and brighter.  The good news is the “bump outs” are smaller sections of a wall so I get that [Read more…]