Have you heard of Chubbies?


CHUBBIES | WEEKEND FINDS Have you heard of the latest fashion for high school and college age boys? Chubbies!  Neither had I until this past Christmas when my high school age son asked his grandparents for a pair of Chubbies for Christmas.  This request immediately prompted a call, text and email from my mother. She [Read more…]



For the love of ferns I love a fern!   I love the slouchy casual posture of the fern. So when  Home Depot had ferns on sale for $5.00 last weekend I bough a few! I bought four and I have found homes for two!  This is how Home Depot gets you back into the stores! They offer [Read more…]

Strawberries & Cookies


Strawberries & Cookies Some of my best ideas  are created out of boredom.  That’s what happened over the weekend when I had a package of Kroger wafer filled cookies,  fresh strawberries and a tube of green gel icing.  I paired a lovely chocolate crème filled wafer with a strawberry.  I was so lazy I didn’t even take the [Read more…]

Earth Day Everyday: Fewer Plastic Bags


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  like recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation. It makes sense.    The image of the floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean was enough for me to try and start with reducing the [Read more…]

Wine Cork Décor


WINE CORKS | DECOR Any wine cork hoarders reading this post today?  Well here is a creative solution  to hide the wine corks stashed in your kitchen drawers from your mother-in-law.  Anyone have a curious – just looking for a glass type of-  mother-in-law? Before I go off in a different direction let me bring it [Read more…]


decorsteals 4

décorsteals.com | weekend finds Hi everyone- I am super excited to share one of my favorite online decor sites for this week’s weekend finds! Have you heard of DécorSteals.com?  I don’t remember how I found this site, but warning:  it’s addictive.  On the plus side, it’s curbed my HomeGoods and TJ Maxx addiction. So I traded  one [Read more…]

Fire Hazard in the Garage


Hi everyone- Hey, I did something I have never done before: I almost started a fire in my garage.  This post is a warning for all of you diy girls (and guys) out there.  Here’s a picture of the “Oh shi$… this is a fire…” Check out the photo to see if you can find the [Read more…]

Grilled Cheese Cookies


Hi everyone- Today I am so excited to share these  grilled cheese cookies! Yes you read this right! I am showing off my grilled cheese cookies!  I previously made the PB&J sandwiches HERE.  And, when they turned out sooo cute, I knew I had to try the other classic sandwich: the grilled cheese. Here is the [Read more…]

Recovering from Lasik surgery: It’s a process


Hi Everyone- Excuse the typos! I am recovering from Lasik surgery.   Anticipating the decreased vision after 40 I had one eye corrected for mono-vision.  Apparently, my brain doesn’t like change!  Reading is difficult unless I can increase the font and the same eye is pretty sore. Like really sore. My post op appointment went well, [Read more…]

DIY Barn Doors


Hi there- a few weeks ago I got an email from KariAnne over at ThistleWood Farms who really liked my DIY barn door project and wanted to share it on her weekly Thistlekeeping series here.  She stumbled upon my barn door project while finding ideas for her future project. So I freaked!  Karianne has like 1 million followers and all [Read more…]