Stain Removal Method: 2 Minute Tuesday


Ewww….. if this is what my coffee mug looks like, what is the coffee (and tea) doing to my teeth? Don’t answer that one!  Here is a quick stain removal tip for your stained coffee mugs.  I keep a 1/2 bleach: 1/2 water solution in  a spray bottle and use it for disinfecting the sink [Read more…]

Chalkboard Wall Calendar


Hi there- I am soooo excited to show off this project.  A few months ago I finished my office makeover project HERE.  As you can see I had a large blank wall behind my desk.  I was so proud of this makeover because it was all me.  So I wanted a DIY project that would [Read more…]

Gate Remodel and New Hardware


Hi there- how was your weekend?  We spent the weekend replacing gates in our backyard for our new puppy, Chloe!  It was a birthday gift to me from the family: the puppy, not the gate!  It was looking a little tired: both the gate and myself!!    Both gates just needed new doors as the posts were [Read more…]

Dark Stain to Bright White Sofa Table: Before and After


I seriously think I could paint every stained piece of furniture I own a shade of white.  With hardwood floors and dark furniture I need to brighten it up!  I love this transformation of a sofa table/book case.  I moved it from our master bedroom to the dining room. I love what less than a [Read more…]

DIY Wicker Chair Update

wicker compare

Our front porch faces south and in Colorado that  means sun, sun and more sun.  So wicker furniture gets weathered very quickly.  Kinda like our skin without sunscreen! I have seen other blog projects on spray painting wicker. I was a little skeptical because there are so many details in anything with the word wicker. It’s [Read more…]

Interior Front Door: From Stain to White Paint!


I did it!  A few months  Six months ago I posted my entry way dilemma. That post with pictures is HERE. But here is the abbreviated version and the before photos if you don’t want to get side tracked!  Stained door adjacent to white interior door.  All of our interior doors are painted white. My son [Read more…]

Master Bedroom Retreat Mini Makeover for $50


The Master Bedroom.  I don’t know if it’s truly a retreat- it feels more like a HR department where every member of the house comes bursting in with questions, complaints, requests and major  announcements!  And we have a large master bedroom, so there is plenty of room for a waiting room of family members.  Take [Read more…]

Repurpose a Lantern to Organize


Somewhere in the year 2010 I decided I could not have enough lanterns. I snagged them on clearance aisles, HomeGoods. It came to a head this spring when I would spend hours minutes re-arranging lanterns.  My family was getting a little worried. So I used our annual garage sale as an opportunity to lean out [Read more…]

Buh Buh Shutters:


One of the things we loved about our house  was the custom shutters. They were beautiful and were such an upgrade from anything we had ever had in a window.  And, then a funny thing happened last summer… I was at a neighbor’s house and she had wide open windows looking into her backyard. It [Read more…]

Vintage Tool Box: From Tool Box to Bar Ware

tool box pic

Hi There!  Hope you are having a great weekend!  Two years ago this tool box was buried in the garage and filled with miscellaneous bolts and screws!  To truly see the transformation of my husband’s vintage tool box check out the original makeover I did on it a few years back HERE.  I love the idea of [Read more…]

Before and After Entry Space from Garage.


Hi all- I describe my house as a brownstone in the suburbs.  Lots of levels, lots of stairs.  My boys love to stand on the top floor and drop anything down 4 levels to hit to the lowest level.  I have been know to drop a few items when no one is looking! As a [Read more…]

A girly office for me: makeover-before and after.


I said it! I wanted a girly office! It may not be PC, but if I am juggling 3 different “revenue sources” I need a pretty space!  This has been a work in progress for over 3 years. This is where my office started 3 years ago: And, my first step was to buy this [Read more…]

Bookcase Makeover: Before and After


Hi everyone- I don’t know why I never noticed this, but I have a lot of dark wood furniture!  And, I am over it.  Yes, my son would say, “hashtag suburban mom probs.”  So when I saw this before/after project on BH& of a very similar bookcase I knew I could do this. Before: Here [Read more…]