Wine Cork Décor


WINE CORKS | DECOR Any wine cork hoarders reading this post today?  Well here is a creative solution  to hide the wine corks stashed in your kitchen drawers from your mother-in-law.  Anyone have a curious – just looking for a glass type of-  mother-in-law? Before I go off in a different direction let me bring it [Read more…]

DIY Barn Doors


Hi there- a few weeks ago I got an email from KariAnne over at ThistleWood Farms who really liked my DIY barn door project and wanted to share it on her weekly Thistlekeeping series here.  She stumbled upon my barn door project while finding ideas for her future project. So I freaked!  Karianne has like 1 million followers and all [Read more…]

Wicker Chair Update


Hi there- Here is a project from the archives as we are on a spring break! I wanted to share this wicker chair update  as the garage sales ramp up this time of year. It’s a great example of not judging a piece of furniture by it’s current state!  Don’t be so quick to walk past a [Read more…]

Furniture Placement Idea


Hi there~  I have got my eye on a some furniture I’m drooling over at Crate & Barrel.  The reason we are in the market for new furniture is we notoriously purchase furniture that is either over or under sized for the room. And, then we  I complain about the sizing.  I have been “observing” for [Read more…]

Wood Spindles to Iron Spindles


I am in love with this project: replacing our wood spindles with iron spindles.  This project is one of those projects that changed the entire look of our home. This is what we had in our house.  I don’t have a before picture.  Who knew I would be blogging about replacing 241 wood spindles with iron spindles? Our dream to [Read more…]

Window Inspiration

findinghomeonline window

I have windows on the mind.    So I am spending way too much  time looking for  window  ideas!  What did we do before Pinterest?  Here is the current state of my windows and the post is HERE .  Taking suggestions.   And, here’s some options I am loving: Wrong season, but loving this for next year.. actually [Read more…]

Entryway Refreshed


Hey there~ Anyone wishing for spring?  I admit I usually hang onto the chilly February days. In fact, I think there should be a push to move Thanksgiving and Christmas back a month so we have the holiday lights to cheer us up in January!  Who wants to take that campaign on in 2016! Ha! [Read more…]

Stain Removal Method: 2 Minute Tuesday


Ewww….. if this is what my coffee mug looks like, what is the coffee (and tea) doing to my teeth? Don’t answer that one!  Here is a quick stain removal tip for your stained coffee mugs.  I keep a 1/2 bleach: 1/2 water solution in  a spray bottle and use it for disinfecting the sink [Read more…]

DIY Wall Chalkboard Calendar


Hi there- I am soooo excited to show off this project.  A few months ago I finished my office makeover project HERE.  As you can see I had a large blank wall behind my desk.  I was so proud of this makeover because it was all me.  So I wanted a DIY project that would [Read more…]

Gate Update


Hi there- how was your weekend?  We spent the weekend replacing gates in our backyard for our new puppy, Chloe!  It was a birthday gift to me from the family: the puppy, not the gate!  It was looking a little tired: both the gate and myself!!    Both gates just needed new doors as the posts were [Read more…]