How to Keep Outdoor Foam Cushions Dry

Outdoor Foam Cushions Dry | 2 Minute Tuesday

Hey, here’s an easy idea I came up with to keep outdoor foam cushions dry during the rainy afternoons.  I recently purchased  Ikea cushions to replace my mold filled foam cushions.  I didn’t take a photo- I should have!   I  was itching to put my new patio cushions outside but with 22 straight days of rain, I was less than thrilled with the idea of mold spores spawning  in the new foam cushions!  Lovely image, right? Here’s my solution idea for this 2 Minute Tuesday:


 I pulled the foam cushion insert out of the cushion’s fabric case, wrapped it in the plastic trash bag and then placed it back  inside the cushion fabric liners:


I made sure when I stuffed the plastic bag encased foam back into the fabric liner, the bag’s opening was facing the opposite side of the pillow insert’s  zipper. Although this doesn’t keep the exterior fabric dry it does minimize the moisture from the afternoon rains (which will be nonexistent now that I finished this 2 Minute Tuesday idea!


What do you think?


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