Oreos.. ruining diets since 1912!


Look what  I found at the grocery store! As if it wasn’t awesome having the red filling at Christmas, Oreo now has the mint green!  When did this happen?   Well, I bought a couple of each to stash in my pantry until after Thanksgiving! I had too much fun taking pictures of these little [Read more…]

Chocolate & Raspberry Christmas Tree


This is a great go-to dessert all through the year! The perfect combination of fresh raspberries and chocolate (Rolo’s).   I love this for an easy dessert that that is not heavy on sugar and flour during the holidays! It’s a ROLOBERRY TREE!   Merry Christmas! LINKING UP TO: MOM ON A TIMEOUT  ANYONITA NIBBLES JAM HANDS  [Read more…]

Cooking Light’s Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Brownies

cooking light cookies .5

I am in love with Cooking Light’s Holiday Cookbook! I picked up a copy at the library, but judging from the 2 dozen sticky tabs I think I need to purchase my own book!    I know November is the season for pies, but what I was searching for was a  little chocolate ( dessert) [Read more…]


acorn cookies

These cookies were not intended to be acorn cookies.  But, when my hedgehog cookies were an epic fail (is the word epic still trending?), I decided to make them into acorn cookies!  Why not?  I got the original recipe from Taste of Home Kid Approved Cookbook:  I think they turned out great and perfect for [Read more…]

No Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

no bake granola bars pic1

I have been on a search for an alternative to the boxes and boxes of granola bars that take up space in my pantry. And, with all of the preservatives they could stay in the pantry for many years!   So a quick search lead me to this recipe at  KATIE’S CUCINA.  Here is my [Read more…]

Twix Bars ! Be prepared to eat the entire “BAG”


When my sister aka “Auntie Tricia” comes to visit she bakes.. and bakes.  She made these for us! She got the recipe from Pinterest from High Heels and Grills.  I didn’t see the post before we made them so I cut mine into rectangles.  I might  have consumed fewer bars if I had cut them into squares. [Read more…]

Seven Layer Bars… Oh my these are headed to my thighs!


Okay these seven layer bars are from Better Homes & Garden Cookbook.  My mom used to make these and they are just the right amount of sweet and sweet.  The layer of butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts is just, well… awesome!    And, they are so rich that 1 or maybe 1.5 satisfies [Read more…]

Rocky Road Brownies


Don’t you just want to lick the screen? These Rocky Road brownies are that good!  This is  my favorite brownie recipe. Here is my version!  I don’t think I will every bake with a box mix again. I have a link below to print the recipe for Rocky Road Brownies.  After baking for 25  minutes, [Read more…]

Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers


Have you found Amy over at Living Locurto ?  I grabbed this fun idea this summer! I was so on top of it I had these candy wrappers printed in August.  And, yet.. it’s the middle of October… so much for preparing for my blog posts. I love these and they will be a great care [Read more…]

A Care Package of Kisses {Hershey}


My daughter just left for college (sniff.sniff) and I am constantly thinking about care packages (I haven’t actually gotten my act together to send a care package)!  So this week I am sending her some kisses {Hershey} with personalized messages (reminders).      I got this idea at Michael’s. I found the personalized labels by [Read more…]