Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt by Revolution of Mom

christms light scavenger hunt

I am so excited to share this great idea for the holidays.  It’s a downloadable printable for a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt from Revolution of Mom. What I love about this is it is great fun for all stages and ages.  Grandparents would have fun with this for a weekend at grandma’s or something for “nothing [Read more…]

Stair Case Garland Ideas…


Hi there- I found these stair case garland  ideas in October and I am just now sharing.  My original plan was to change the garland in my home after seeing a friend’s much simpler, cuter idea.  My middle child would call this plan, “hashtag suburban mom probs.”   I didn’t get any garland up this year on [Read more…]

Christmas in July: Less than 5 Months to Order Your “Baby Cheeses.”


Anyone else out there watch Modern Family?  We love the episode where Gloria orders a crate of baby Jesus statues instead of a crate of baby cheeses.”  Here is a Wind Back Wednesday  to when our Christmas tree had too much of something, something  and took a tumble!  Happy Hump Day!  

Christmas Mice in the Kitchen!


Last year I posted my attempt at making a cheaper version of Garnet Hill’s Chocolate Mice. That post has been deleted. One of my first blogging friends,  Mary over at  Life in a Small Town sent me a link for a better different recipe for Chocolate Mice.  I had the chance to redeem myself! Where there is one [Read more…]

A Simple Christmas in a Mason Jar


Who doesn’t love mason jars?   So I am constantly finding ways to make easy décor items that can be changed out with the seasons and holidays.  Here is my latest treat for the teachers.  Don’t worry they are not just getting a dozen candy cane balls! Our school does a cash collection. But, this is to [Read more…]

Oreos.. ruining diets since 1912!


Look what  I found at the grocery store! As if it wasn’t awesome having the red filling at Christmas, Oreo now has the mint green!  When did this happen?   Well, I bought a couple of each to stash in my pantry until after Thanksgiving! I had too much fun taking pictures of these little [Read more…]

Upcycle Cans into Christmas Planters


I owe this crafty post to our veterinarian. He recently prescribed green beans for our Bernese Mountain Dog who has put on a few extra pounds! As a result, I had stacks of the “family size” green been cans!  So I did this with the first couple cans! As the cans stack up from Owen’s [Read more…]

BH&G Ideas… Why didn’t I think of these?

bhg ornaments in coffee can

Anyone who follows me knows that I love Better Homes & Garden.  I love their magazine and the website!  It’s where I find inspiration.   With temperatures hovering around zero degrees this week, it’s a great time to find online  inspiration!  Take a look!    All images are from the BH&G website (except for one, can you guess [Read more…]

Rolos and Raspberries ChocolateDessert


This is a great go-to dessert all through the year! The perfect combination of fresh raspberries and chocolate (Rolo’s).   I nicknamed this 2 ingredient raspberries and chocolate dessert: Roloberries. I love this for an easy dessert that that is not heavy on sugar and flour during the holidays! It’s a ROLOBERRY TREE!  It’s my go to [Read more…]

Recycling Vintage “Charlie Brown” Christmas lights.

vintage bulbs 1

THROWBACK THURSDAY: AS WE ALL PREPARE TO START THE HOLIDAY DECOR BLITZ HERE IS A THROWBACK THURSDAY POST FROM LAST YEAR: My dad is like me. He likes to clean out the clutter.  And, since he is of the generation of recycling- I think my generation calls it up-cycling:  he doesn’t want to throw anything away.  This fall, [Read more…]

Pajama Program Charity


Please consider this charity to add to your ornament or gift exchanges. Every Christmas my daughter and I host a mother-daughter ornament exchange.  We host it the evening following finals.   We began this tradition in my daughter’s freshmen year in high school.  The girls are now college freshman.  Sniff. Sniff. It has been a joy to [Read more…]

Christmas Sugar Cookies


Baking sugar cookies and frosting cookies provided me with  quiet solitude and a media-free distraction  from the horrific  tragedy and subsequent details  at Sandy Hook Elementary.  So this post is simply my sugar cookie recipe and a chance to show my daughter’s {home from college} cookie decorating skills .  I don’t  think she believes I [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Knock off Mercury Decor for $3.00


While my sister was visiting over the holidays  I asked her to help me “shake things up” with my Christmas decor. Well she shook it up and sprayed it over some of my favorite summer finds. This was our PB inspiration: If you have worked with spray paint you know it is “design in a can.”  You [Read more…]