Hell hath no fury than an accounting major who finds a duplicate credit card charge.


This past spring, I shared my  daughter’s study abroad experience  to Florence, Italy.   She was home for a week before heading to Omaha for a summer internship.   She is an accounting major because as she points out, “Numbers don’t lie, mom.”

Hours before my daughter was to catch a flight back to Omaha,  I found her in toddler-appropriate  hysterics and sobs while reviewing paperwork with her dad.  I assumed it was something earth shattering like one of her study abroad classes didn’t transfer.  Or, there was a tuition screw up.  Something HUGE!

Nope!  I shared on FB that “Hell hath no fury than an accounting major who finds a duplicate charge on her credit card statement,”  from a bike rental in Barcelona.   Yep, she had a duplicate charge on her credit card in the amount of… wait for it…. remember she was in hysterics …..  $20 US dollars.


She was actually upset because she had ALREADY filed a charge  dispute with her bank within hours of it posting on her bank account (in April while in Europe).   Her bank promptly issued a  pending credit.  The paperwork she received while home was informing her the charges were accurate.  HYSTERICS!!!

Of course, in true “she’s my daughter”  she already had  copies of the original receipts and the bank’s copies from the bike retailer clearly showing the signed receipts were of  identical signature, thereby bolstering her case!  She called her bank the following  Monday (morning) , emailed copies of her original receipt and is now patiently waiting 45 days for the bank’s  review.   Thank goodness she is appealing in the States. I told her a call to the bike rental company would cost her more than the duplicate charge!  Of course, as an experienced employer I am calculating the bank’s  cost to research this $20 duplicate charge.  Here she is in happier times on her actual rented bike:

This type of OCD determination is in her DNA.  I reminded her of her handwritten letter to Mattel.  At the seasoned age of eight she wrote a letter to Mattel informing them  her  Polly Pocket Neighborhood was missing the “driveway” that was clearly illustrated on the packaging. Four weeks later, she received a letter and package from Mattel with the Polly Pocket Driveway.   I love this girl!





RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) program for women of all ages.


One of the must to-do  items  before my daughter left for college was to take a mother-daughter self defense class.  We were referred to the Glendale Police Department’s RAD ( Rape Aggression Defense) program in Denver. RAD is a national self defense program.  You can find resources in your community HERE

We lined up 4-5 other mother-daughter pairs for this 2 full day course.  I highly recommend it for all women of all ages and stages. The number one preventative action a woman can take from an attack is to remove the opportunity.    And, always trust your instincts.  I will not share any of the training tools because the instructors said it is important not to “practice” with friends or boyfriends because having someone learn to counter the defense moves  can potentially  diminish a woman’s confidence.

There is a great book, THE GIFT OF FEAR by Gavin de Becker, that was published almost 20 years ago.  The RAD program  instructor referenced this book as a resource.  It is an intense read, but it is so informative.   I actually bought my daughter a copy for a graduation gift.    You can find the book on Amazon Here.

I would encourage all women, of all ages, to find a self defense class in your community.  Please email me if you have additional questions! And, please share in the comments if you have taken a self defense class!!!

This 12 hour class is designed for women of all ages. Their youngest  attendee was 13 and their oldest was 86 years old. 

here are a couple stats that were shared with our group.

The most likely time in a woman’s life to be assaulted is the first 6 weeks of college.  

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