Laundry Sorter for my {first} husband

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Hi everyone-  I am sharing my Weekend Find that I love?  Does anyone  have that Wayfair commercial jingle stuck in  your head? “Wayfair.. you got what I need…..”    I think I heard that commercial for weeks before I associated it with the emails that take up space in my inbox and the promotional boxes on every [Read more…]

Utility Knife in My Tool Bag


Hi everyone~ I survived a weekend of boys’ tennis and rugby.  Saturday morning I had a basement full of sleeping middle school boys and a puppy that tried her hardest not to run down and wake them up!  There is no segue to this post so let me start with this: I had no idea how much a utility knife [Read more…]

Weekend Finds at Pottery Barn


Hi everyone- Crazy weekend with rugby games, tennis practice, working on  basement  remodel and removing built in shelves and a desk for our baby girl’s  (college age) room.  But!!!!  I was able to sneak in a few minutes to run into Pottery Barn. I’m not a big fan of hanging at the mall, but I was in [Read more…]

Entryway Refreshed


Hey there~ Anyone wishing for spring?  I admit I usually hang onto the chilly February days. In fact, I think there should be a push to move Thanksgiving and Christmas back a month so we have the holiday lights to cheer us up in January!  Who wants to take that campaign on in 2016! Ha! [Read more…]

Trader Joe’s Kitchen Cloths


Hi everyone- I am in love with Trader Joe’s. Finding new favorites each week is the gift that keeps on giving!  The staff are incredibly happy and helpful.  Trader Joe’s, small layout and quality TJ brands,  proves “more is less.” Here is what I am crushing on this week: Reusable, washable and fewer paper towels.  I used these [Read more…]

Soup Bowls : Favorite Finds


Seriously, I am learning to cook because of my soup bowls.   The official name is the double handled soup crocks.  It was love at first sight when I spotted these on display at World Market last year.  I spent 15 minutes debating about the color.  I went with a shade of green, but now I have my heart [Read more…]

Thrift-day Thursday


 I’m trying, really trying to stay out of the discount home stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.  But, there is some magnetic pull that sucks me in between errands or juggling carpools.  So it must have been fate or that magnetic pull that lead me to these dish towels on the clearance endcap!  What have [Read more…]

Yes Short Girls Can Wear a Maxi Skirt!


Can short girls wear Maxi dresses?  This was my dilemma this spring. I bought a maxi dress 2 years ago and let’s just say I looked like I belonged in a fundamentalist group.    So imagine my surprise when my college age daughter encouraged me to try a maxi skirt.  I can’t remember her reasons, because [Read more…]

HomeGoods & Your Favorite Finds


     This is a fun interactive tool I found over at Home Goods. I don’t remember why I was snooping around on the  HomeGoods webpage, but alas I found the “Customer Finds”  HERE.  Alas?  Oh my, Downton Abbey is rubbing off on my vocabulary!   So while I was over on HomeGoods I uploaded this find [Read more…]

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me


The running joke in my family is that mom buys what she really wants! No amount of online links or photos of my wish list work.  I even posted this on Instagram since my children are over Facebook!   I actually ordered this from Crate and Barrel the day after Christmas when it didn’t show up under the tree!  The good news [Read more…]

What is Craftsy?

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I was compensated to write this review for this Merchant.  All opinions are my own. What is Craftsy? I was first introduced to Craftsy in an article in The Denver Post. I checked them out online and at about this time I started noticing their ads on other blogs.  So what exactly is Craftsy?    Craftsy offers [Read more…]