Yes Short Girls Can Wear a Maxi Skirt!


Can short girls wear Maxi dresses?  This was my dilemma this spring. I bought a maxi dress 2 years ago and let’s just say I looked like I belonged in a fundamentalist group.    So imagine my surprise when my college age daughter encouraged me to try a maxi skirt.  I can’t remember her reasons, because I was already shopping  on Etsy to find a maxi skirt.


My mission: a solid color (I ordered black) for not a lot of money; in case it was a disastrous look.  I quickly found  Hope, the US based designer behind  Loft 415.  I just realized her name is fitting for what I was HOPING it  would be a good fit on a petite, slightly curvy girl.  This is her image, no selfies from me!   You can find Loft 415 HERE

Maxi Long Skirt Black USA Jersey custom made tall and petite length

I love it!  It’s manufactured in the United States. The sizing chart was spot on. The waist length is generous so I can roll it down or leave it  higher depending on whether I am wearing wedges  or flats!  I never considered buying clothes on Etsy and now I am hooked.  In fact, 10 days after I received my black maxi skirt, I ordered up one in gray!

Wooster & Purdy: my 2 favorite paint brushes have one major thing in common!!!


I love Purdy, but I also like to root for the underdog and it’s fun to see Wooster get more shelf space at Home Depot!  But, when I was choosing between the two brushes for some spring paint projects I grabbed the Purdy because I always default to “MADE IN THE USA.” ***


But then I noticed Wooster also had the “Made in the USA” image too!  So, I bought both!  Way to go Purdy and Wooster. It matters and some of us are paying attention!!!paintbrushes2

Are you looking for the Made in the USA logo?


 *** Sidenote:    We own a medical device manufacturing company and our operations group adds  “MADE in the USA” stickers on every shipment that goes out- as a reminder.