Dorm Room Suggestions Not on the List!


Hi There-

This post is dedicated to all the parents of incoming college freshmen.  The days leading up to departure are filled with excitement, fear, sadness, plans and a sense of new-ness that brings back the first day of kindergarten!  New bedding, new backpacks, lamps, towels, toiletries, laundry bags… that list goes on and on.   As a mom, I am looking at this 2 years in and done!  It’s hard to believe my baby girl begins  her junior year in college next week.  She attends school out of state, about an 8 hour drive from Denver or an 87 minute flight!  Baby girl had a great freshman year with little or no home sickness.  The hardest part was just saying goodbye in the dorm room hallway. Parents, my only suggestion is this: make the  “good bye” quick: like ripping off a Band-Aid.    Once I got to the car I took a huge sob/sigh and  her dad and I reminded ourselves;, “She is so ready for this.”  And, with that our baby girl took flight!  And, so did we!


Back to the list of suggestions.   FIRST THING WE PURCHASED FOR HER ROOM: HER HOME STATE  FLAG.  We purchased this before we left at a local Colorado retail store.  You can also find flags online.  We want this girl to remember where she is planted!   And, a state flag is  a great conversation starter during move in day and the first days of the new year!  Students and parents  are walking back and forth retrieving boxes, borrowing hammers and most dorm room doors are open while unloading 50 pounds of clothes and linens.  Parents and students would see the flag as they walked by and pop their head in to say hello.  And, lots of kids wanted to get their own state flag after they saw Ashley’s flag.  It was a perfect ice breaker!


This next idea was casually suggested to our daughter by a dad of one of the  kids she babysits. He suggested she bring her tennis bag and leave it “propped next to her bed”  in the first few weeks. He said it’s a great way for kids to connect and make new friends based on the love of a sport {or hobby}. It worked! She joined an intramural doubles/mixed doubles her first year and had a blast!


This idea was shared by upper classmen who lived through the first year dorm experience.  One of the suggestions was to purchase a swim noodle and place it between the wall and the mattress {like a crib bumper}.  Most mattresses are encased in a vinyl plastic { you place your twin fitted sheet over it},  but the bottom of the mattress tends  to slide on the bed frame.  The noodle helps minimize the slide. Who knew?


Finally, encourage her and her new roommate to decorate their door  with {removable} decals or poster board with visuals of her interests.  It’s a great passive way  for students to express their interests.  Our daughter’s dorm  floor did this as an icebreaker!  I don’t know if the guy floors got as much participation.  Again, it’s just a fun way to share something about yourself in a very casual way:


 Good luck parents!  Remember, you have spent 18 years preparing your child for this next chapter!  Now, spend some time to figure our your  own chapter!  You will all grow in ways you never could imagine!  laura


diy housewarming or hostess gift…


Hi everyone-  How was your weekend?   My son is in the middle of varsity tennis tryouts so my nerves are on edge!  I swear it’s harder for parents, which my son is like, “Um, mom I am the one on the court!” Oh yeah, right.  Anyway, we  had several rainy days this week, which lead to cancelled practices which meant I had some “free” time on my hands.  So, that means time for blog projects.


Here’s a fun  hostess or housewarming gift for the pending holiday and party season.  All you need is a mason jar, matches, striking paper (I used the paper on the size of the bulk match box at Kroger), tea light ( or large candle). And, a fun label finishes it off!   Boom! That’s it!

matches 2.2

I also had velcro  to secure the striking paper to the bottom of the jar (double sticky tape would work too)