Saturday Sound Off: Celebrity Endorsements…Did she just post that?


Happy Saturday.  Welcome to my new Saturday Sound Off Series!  All opinions are my own and are subject to change; just like my age and/or weight.


HOW  many of you love to guess the celebrity voice behind the commercial?  Anyone? Is it just me?  And, I always turn toward the television even though it’s just a voice {and it’s not in my head}.  There’s a lot of press lately about celebrity endorsements and the dangers/risks behind them.  Trending this summer is the Dr. Oz scandal of his “colorful language” descriptions of diet solutions.  Or, Jenny McCarthy endorsing the vapor-less cigarette.

Which got me thinking about some of the celebrity endorsements that drive me nuts.  Let me explain.   Susan Sarandon is the voice behind the Children’s Tylenol commercials.  I like Susan, I like her voice and I love her passion for ping pong.  So what’s the problem?  Earlier this year Susan Sarandon was on the Bravo channel with ‘Bravo Andy”  and  was very honest about her stoned  state of mind at most of the award shows she has attended over the years.   And, then I hear her promoting Children’s Tylenol during a morning news show.  Hey, I don’t care if she is stoned at an awards show, but to promote Children’s Tylenol.  All I am thinking, “Is she chugging a little liquid courage to get through those dreaded dinner shows?”

The other celebrity that is getting on my nerves is Sofia Vergara.  I think she is her own worst enemy with her over exposure all over Twitter and Instagram.  I love her on Modern Family.  She is hilarious on the show because she has the perfect balance of her innate  sexiness and maternal side.  She has  huge endorsement deals for Cover Girl, Diet Pepsi and a clothing line at Kmart.   But, when she posts booty shots on her Instagram account and falling down drunk shots I think, ” Is Cover Girl the face of the drunk 40 year old who is desperately holding onto her youth?”

Bring back Ellen, Cover Girl!

What celebrities endorsements do you question?

Saturday Soundoff at I’m Not a Trophy Wife.  All opinions are my own and are subject to change just like my age and weight. !  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!  laura

Little Blog Design Pick Me Up from Rhonda Jai !


Hi there-  I am so excited to share my new header and sidebar designs.


I had a minimal budget and big ideas.  I have used Etsy for design work on our company website (  So a quick search on Etsy for the Adorable Child theme got me to Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional  Designs.   She works with WordPress and Blogger!


I don’t think Rhonda sleeps!  I would send  her a general inquiry and I would get a response within hours!  And, this happened through a series of like 24 email exchanges (I tend to overthink things).

I ended up loving her header the best so she tweaked her Etsy  headert to make it mine and matched the sidebar widgets.  For a small fee she installed both for me. Love her!


If you are looking for a budget friendly mini lift for your blog stop by Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional Designs.