Friday Favorites #85~ Features & Party~ Not aTrophy Wife


HI everyone- Happy Halloween!  It’s official the holiday kickoff begins now!!  What are you going to do stay organized… or get organized? Thanks for joining Friday Favorites! I am so happy to have Heather at Our Life in a Click. , Emily from Our House Now A Home Morgan at Finding Morgan. as co-hosts! It’s [Read more...]

I did 2 loads of laundry while grocery shopping at Walmart To Go

walmart to go1

Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and payment for my time and efforts in creating this post.   HI there- I fell in love with the WALMART TO GO  after my original  Denver Influencer program review.   It was a great experience and the convenience was huge! [Read more...]

Outdoor running essentials…


Hi there- It’s done! I finished my first 1/2 marathon. It was pretty good until mile 12 and then I felt the  symptoms of low blood sugar. I didn’t know that’s why I  was almost in tears and felt very nauseous. Of course, I thought “This is what a heart attack feels like.”  And, I had [Read more...]

Why am I running my first 1/2 marathon? Because I CAN!

rock and roll

Hi there- If you are reading this before noon MST hopefully I finished  my first 1/2 marathon!  I decided 5 months ago at a dinner party with friends (the couple hosting are avid runners) to run a 1/2 marathon.   Our friends  encouraged me to pick a race and commit to it (register and pay)!   And so I [Read more...]

Friday Favorites #83: Features & Party~ Not a Trophy Wife


HI everyone- How are you all doing? This month is flying by!  So how many of you have the best of intentions to  organize or plan your blog posts and then get lost in Pinterest?  On to the party! Thanks for  joining Friday Favorites!  I am so happy to have Heather at  Our Life in a Click. , [Read more...]

Friday Favorites #82 ~ Features & Party~ @notatrophywife


HI everyone I made it through my new theme, slight domain name change, a Bloglovin mixup with my RSS -feed!  Three years ago I wouldn’t know what  that last sentence meant. But, I made it!  I will write a post and share the resources and help I found on Etsy.   Hi all ~In cast [Read more...]

I’m In a Bloglovin RSS Feedburner Nightmare


And, nobody can see this because I just lost my feeburner subscribers. THis is what I emailed to Bloglovin: Here’s what I found on bloglovin. I emailed this to bloglovin. I may have a bigger issue: 1: has 250 followers and no photos: and the url is: 2. this one has 0 followers and [Read more...]

Craftsy Partner Program… you in?

craftsy logo

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links to Craftsy, which means I may be compensated if you are approved to participate in the partner program via the link below. Hi there~ Calling all DIY  and blogging friends to join Craftsy’s Partner Program.  Craftsy offers a huge selection of online classes from baking to sewing! Interested in becoming [Read more...]

Friday Favorites # 81~ New Co-Hosts~ Not a Trophy Wife

Friday Favoritescollage 10-2014

Hi all ~  Big news! Friday Favorites has new co-hosts. Please read their mini bio’s and add them to your Bloglovin rolls! You won’t want to miss their posts! A little bit of everything just like what we find at Friday Favorites! Emily from Our House Now A Home is back as a permanent co-host!  She [Read more...]

Pink Blog Day!


Please support my friend Holly with her Paint the Blogosphere PINK promotion at her awesome blog: The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide. Read all about Pink Blog Day HERE    

Little Blog Design Pick Me Up from Rhonda Jai !


Hi there-  I am so excited to share my new header and sidebar designs. I had a minimal budget and big ideas.  I have used Etsy for design work on our company website (  So a quick search on Etsy for the Adorable Child theme got me to Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional  Designs.   She [Read more...]