Um, miss can you open your purse?


I went to a recent Rockies {baseball} game. Which is funny, because I don’t watch baseball.  Going through the ticket gate the security personnel asked me to open my purse.  Not a problem. I knew I didn’t have a random tampon in sight (or a weapon or a flask)!   So imagine when I open my purse [Read more...]

Summer Reading… 74 Days to Read 304 Pages….

anne frank

THROWBACK THURSDAY POST: This is how my son’s  June 1st deadline to BEGIN READING the book,  “Diary of Anne Frank” started.  “Mom, I think you bought the wrong book.”  Me:  “Why do you say that?”  Son: “Because every page every page has a date on it and it’s the wrong date.” Lord, help me!  After explaining the [Read more...]

Funny Sundays: Mom I Need a New Vibrator…

tennis racquet

Reposting…   Today:  While running errands, my son asks, “Mom, can we stop and get a new vibrator?”  I just about drove the car off the road.  Until he adds… “for my racket.”  He was talking about his vibration dampener for his tennis racket! Bazinga! It’s the “W”.