Laundry Sorter for my {first} husband

laundry 3.1

Hi everyone-  I am sharing my Weekend Find that I love?  Does anyone  have that Wayfair commercial jingle stuck in  your head? “Wayfair.. you got what I need…..”    I think I heard that commercial for weeks before I associated it with the emails that take up space in my inbox and the promotional boxes on every [Read more…]

Celebrating 20 years… With My Washer and Dryer


Gotcha! That song, “through the years, you never let me down” is playing in my head!  Yep, my Kenmore washer and dryer from Sears  has been with our family for 20 years.  I think they are holding up better than me! Except, I think I have more shakin’ going on! We bought this set  for our new home [Read more…]

Laundry Room Soap Jars


Hi there- just  showing off a cheap, easy and super fast vinyl craft to corral my laundry cleaners.  I got tired of the the laundry detergent spilling all over the counter.  I put the soap in these inexpensive glass jars from Target. Soap #1 is the detergent and  Soap #2 is OxiClean.   LINKING TO:   I HEART [Read more…]

Tutorial: How to paint 26 cabinet pulls in seconds!!!

2014-03-15 09.10.51

I wanted a quick change in the  laundry room. I had the original chrome pulls.. actually… these chrome pulls are updates from the original brassy  finish.   I know, I know… #suburbanmomprobs” is what my son would call this post . And I found these egg knob pulls over at Classic Door Hardware . The egg shape was fun and different.  They [Read more…]

Decorative Hooks


The idea started with a hook. A hook for the hangers.. a way to organize the laundry. You know, the never-ending quest to just make laundry eas{ier}.  Well, that isn’t go to happen, so at least I can make the laundry room look a little prettier! I used my power drill to attach the top shelf to back [Read more…]