DIY Winter Wreath


Hi everyone- It’s funny to post a winter wreath when we had temps as high as 70 last weekend in Denver. Seriously, where’s the snow? We need snow. Now, if you are over the snow you can still make this DIY winter wreath and save it for next winter! So I made this DIY Winter [Read more…]

Thrift-day Thursday


 I’m trying, really trying to stay out of the discount home stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.  But, there is some magnetic pull that sucks me in between errands or juggling carpools.  So it must have been fate or that magnetic pull that lead me to these dish towels on the clearance endcap!  What have [Read more…]



Okay, this post title makes me giggle!  I have tried for eight years to grow pumpkins in my backyard.  Every year yields big leaves and no pumpkins.  A few years ago our  neighbors sneaked into our yard while we were out and “planted” full size pumpkins in my pumpkin patch!  It was the cutest, most [Read more…]

Plants: Real or Fake ?


HI everyone- I’m talking about plants!  I had an epiphany of sorts over my proliferation of  fake greenery. It was taking over my house. And, guess what loves fake plants- dust!   We had our annual neighborhood garage sale last weekend and I decided to use the sale as an opportunity get rid of most of my [Read more…]

Shades of Blue in January


Does anyone else think of shades of blue during January and February? I know we see shades of red pop up in February, but I think of blues.. snowflakes, cold nights (of course, it was almost 60 in Denver this weekend)!  So here are my shades of blue for the JanFebruary season. I made this [Read more…]

Better Homes & Garden Inspiration

bhg photo

You know what I love more than the Better Homes & Garden magazine?  The BH&G website!  Lucky me I subscribe and I get daily emails filled with so many links of inspiration it can be a little overwhelming.. in  a good way  (like 90 minutes at Super Target.. with a latte… and no kids… and [Read more…]