Monster in the Toilet


Hi there- I included this cute vinyl  on a previous post on boys bathrooms HERE .    BUT(T), it’s so cute I had to show it off one more time!  Scroll below to find it online. Found this fun vinyl at Sweet Peas Unique Gifts  HERE  (on Etsy). LINKING TO: FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS  CRAFT DICTATOR  

Update a Chalkboard


Here is my DIY chalkboard in my dining room.   After my recent dining room makeover, the chalkboard looked  a little lost on the wall.  Or, maybe IT was  just bored! I found these  Wall Pops at Tuesday Morning earlier this summer and thought the splash of blue might be fun!   Or, at least get the attention [Read more…]

Quick Vinyl Solution

blue tape transfer paper 2

Just wanted to share a quick vinyl solution when you find yourself out of transfer paper. This is what worked for me! I use blue painter’s tape in  a pinch!  Simply tear off what you need (you can layer it if your piece is wide).  Make sure to reduce/remove  the blue tape’s adhesive by adhering the tape to other [Read more…]

Vinyl for Kids’ Decor


*Expressions Vinyl contributed the neon vinyl used for this project. Last summer I posted on my blog, I’m Not a Trophy Wife, how I turned foam mat squares, often used beneath exercise equipment, into a wall display for my son’s room. My goal was to add stickers and vinyl   incorporating my son’s interests.  So when [Read more…]

Milk Can Transformation


  I found this milk can at a yard sale a few years ago.  I dragged it home where my {first} husband expressed concern that I might be exhibiting signs of hoarder-ness.   He likes new!  He doesn’t like the idea of someone else’s stuff taking up space in our home.  So I did  what I do [Read more…]

Halloween Juice: Gut-or-ade

gutorade 2

One of my boys had a sleepover the other night and I wanted to have a little fun with their lunch. I had made the vinyl for my juice carafe last Halloween and never got around to actually applying it to the carafe.  Which makes me sound like I am either incredibly busy or busy [Read more…]

Vintage Tool Box Makeover

tool box pic

During my annual garage clean up (see post here for a few ideas) I found this vintage (real metal) tool box.  It was empty, taking up valuable shelf space and it was my {first} husband’s grandfather’s tool box.  He was the original DIY guy!  And, he clearly passed down his talents to my very handy [Read more…]

Got {Tennis} Balls? Rounding up the balls!

balls here 2 vinyl tab rs

My fantasy is if I label everything in my house, my home will be neat and organized. Hey, it’s my fantasy! The truth is I spend more time choosing the fonts for my labels.  I get so wrapped up in deciding between the Times Roman or  the Chalkboard font that by the time I choose a font I can’t remember [Read more…]

Boys’ Bathroom Decor


Our boys’ bathroom is the one room in the house that I can say I am content with the current decor.  I have made small changes along the way. But, for the most part, I am happy with this space. How often does that happen?  This is above the door leading to the shower and [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Inspired Typography Tray

signed typography tray

I am so excited to show off this fun knockoff from Pottery Barn.I got my new issue of the PB catalog and saw this  Typography Tray for jewelry. There are not too many things that I can copy very well, but this seemed like a no brainer.  The PB Typography Tray was originally $29.99. I [Read more…]