Ikea Hack: Lazy Susan to Wine Barrel Server

I found this wood lazy susan at Ikea. I think it was $7.99 ish so I bought two! Originally, they were a blond oak color. I bought two, painted them white and had plans to put them in the pantry.   But, they took up more space in the pantry than what each lazy susan could store.  And, the kids would spend them around and the pasta boxes would go flying! I added a graphic from The Graphic’s Fairy and decoupaged the print. I sanded it with a palm sander to blend the edges of the print.  I didn’t want the dark stain to get lost on the dark counters so  I used a pecan stain and  alternated  between sanding, staining, sanding and standing over the course of a few late nights.


I wasn’t crazy about it until I actually put it on the kitchen counter to store my olive oils and seasonings (to make me look like a {good} cook).   It ended up looking like a wine barrel lid I bought on ebay for “a lot more money” a few years ago.

ikealazy susan1


I found my oil jars at Target and the green bottle at the  Farmers Market in Denver.  I think they look great against the stained wood.  I have tried decoupage before without much success.  So, I am excited about how this IKEA lazy susan hack turned out.



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    Scribbler says

    Now I am kicking myself that I didn’t get some of those last time I was there. We have to drive over to ATL from Bham to get to Ikea. Yours does look like an old wine barrel lid — great result.

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    What a beautiful way to repurpose IKEA lazy susans! I like the idea of having your cooking oils, etc. on a lazy susan rather than a tray or plate (like I have them). Hmmm, just might be making a trip to IKEA :) Found it over at the Flaunt It Friday party!

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    Becolorful says

    Very cool. I have painted up a number of these Ikea beauties for an art sale that I participate in and they are always popular. Turn tables can be used so many different places I guess. Really like the vintage look though. I will have to remember that. Thanks for sharing this on BeColorful

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    I really like the look – Wow I never layer like that – maybe I need to start since you got such a great look. It is really pretty and unique. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday’s Best Par.tay! Following you on Linky – please follow back!

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