New Year’s Eve with a vacuum, laundry and Brooke Shields!


Happy New Year!  Anyone recovering from too much happy? My {first} husband and I found ourselves flying solo new year’s eve when we our kids were going to be at sleepovers. So at 11:40pm, after a quiet dinner out with friends,  I vacuumed the stairs, washed a load of Christmas towels (yes, I am that mom) and ran the dishwasher.  Oh, [Read more…]

Back to School Series #3: Dyslexia and Clues We Missed


Welcome to the Back to School Sunday Series. Reposting for the new school year.  Some of my most heartfelt posts are the ones written about my son’s diagnosis of dyslexia when he was in kindergarten.  There are so many misconceptions and fears about a suspected dyslexia diagnosis. I was asked by one reader what signs or [Read more…]

Summer Reading… 74 Days to Read 304 Pages….

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THROWBACK THURSDAY POST: This is how my son’s  June 1st deadline to BEGIN READING the book,  “Diary of Anne Frank” started.  “Mom, I think you bought the wrong book.”  Me:  “Why do you say that?”  Son: “Because every page every page has a date on it and it’s the wrong date.” Lord, help me!  After explaining the [Read more…]

Guys Read Website… Great Reading Resource for Boys


Hi there As a mom with a child who has dyslexia I am constantly searching for books that will hold his interest.  Of course, this works for my other son who does not have dyslexia, but is very picky about his reading selection.  Right now he is only reading books written by tennis players. I [Read more…]

Dean Karnazes: Ultramarathon man

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Ultra marathon man also known as Dean Karnazes is on his latest challenge: to run across the country  to educate Americans about obesity.  Karnazes will average 40-50 miles a day to finish in New York City and complete approximately 3100 miles.  His run is being followed by “Live with Regis and Kelly.” Karnazes has been injury free his entire life. I’m [Read more…]