Multi Purpose Cleaner |Trader Joe’s


 Multi-Purpose Cleaner Trader Joe’s | Weekend Finds Hi everyone- We are on spring break in California this week!  We are enjoying some sun, tennis and rugby matches!  For this week’s Weekend Finds I wanted to share one of my favorite multi purpose cleaner at Trader Joe’s.  What’s your weekend find this weekend?

Lunch Box Cleanup: 2 Minute Tuesday


Hi there- I’ve got less than a month before daughter arrives home for Easter so I am literally throwing stuff in drawers, trying to get some spring décor crafts together and hauling bags of “someone else’s treasures to dust” to Goodwill.  Yikes! But, I wanted to share my easy, new way to clean my son’s  lunch box for [Read more…]

Stain Removal Method: 2 Minute Tuesday


Ewww….. if this is what my coffee mug looks like, what is the coffee (and tea) doing to my teeth? Don’t answer that one!  Here is a quick stain removal tip for your stained coffee mugs.  I keep a 1/2 bleach: 1/2 water solution in  a spray bottle and use it for disinfecting the sink [Read more…]

Cleaning Labels for Boys!


Hi everyone-  As many of you know we have a new puppy which means accidents. I love Natures Miracle at Petsmart. Apparently the vinegar based solution is what neutralizes odor (not fancy lavender  perfumes). I buy Nature’s Miracle. My goal is simple: to make it easy for my {first} husband and children to easily identify [Read more…]

Tile Cleaning Solution…Finally…


I am so grossed out by the soap scum film on our tiles in our shower.  Even the word soap scum grosses me out. Here is a before photo of the icky stuff: Here is the product that finally cleaned this stuff off in seconds! I had try Comet cleanser, Kaboom Shower, Vinegar without any [Read more…]

Organizing Bulk Cleaning Supplies!


I buy products in bulk and I also like to mix environment friendly ingredients into clear spray bottles. But, sometimes I can’t remember what is what in which bottle?  My biggest   My biggest fear is spraying BLEACH on the {new} carpet. Not that I could ever get mad at this face. So while cleaning out [Read more…]