Weekend Finds: Trader Joe’s: Joe-Joes


HI everyone- So I shared earlier my cute little milk jug I found at Crate & Barrel last week.  For my weekend finds this week  I am sharing  my new favorite version of the classic Oreo. I know some of you won’t even consider trying anything but an Oreo- I get it! But, if you are [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine  Treats logo

Here are some favorite Valentine Treats at our house! I have served these  Rolo-berries all through the year! They are the perfect mix of chocolate and fruit.  They are great no matter what the season. And, the best part …. no mess!!! Here is another Valentine Treat. Valentine Sandwich Cookies. I originally talked about this [Read more…]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies


I am in love with these peanut butter and jelly  cookies.  I first saw the adorable peanut butter and jelly  sandwich cookies over at http://www.ericasweettooth .com and knew I had to make. I love how these peanut butter and jelly cookies turned out.  It  is rare for a my recipes to turn out so well. Don’t [Read more…]

Cookie Donuts


Hi everyone- Well here is a first at I’m Not a Trophy Wife- I actually baked cookies to look like the donuts and I must say the results are impressive {for my baking talents}.  I found the cookie donuts  in the cookbook, The Smart Cookie- at least I think that is the title because that is the hashtag [Read more…]

Mitten Sugar Cookies & Recipe


I love practicing my cookie decorating skills with a batch of sugar cookie dough on a snowy weekend. I am practicing on a mitten theme this month.   In January, it’s a mitten theme.  I also like to stick to one design to make a streamlined assembly line.   I made these mitten cookies  to mail to my daughter and her roommates in the cold, mid-west [Read more…]

Halloween Frankenstein Feet


Here is a super easy party idea or after school treat. You will need a box of Nutter Butter cookies, frosting (tinted to your favorite color) and black licorice.  That’s it!

Best Recipe for Grass {Frosting}


Hi all~  Let me start with the need to put the word “grass”  in quotes or my favorite parentheses,  because in Colorado, “grass” has an entirely different meaning!  Ha!   Over the past year,   I have made batches of frosting in my  attempts to make the  “grass” frosting spread  all over Pinterest.  I have adjusted the butter, used  shortening, and worked with [Read more…]

Snickerdoodle Cookies


Snickerdoodle Cookies! I found this Snickerdoodle cookie  recipe on Pinterest  from Texas Type A Mom after a quick Pinterest search!    My son was recently diagnosed with chocolate induced migraines, so I am trying to find alternatives to the classic chocolate chip cookie! I made slight adjustments on the amount of sugar (in my lame attempt to [Read more…]

Martha Stewart Heart Sandwich Cookies

004 - Copy

Martha Stewart made these Heart Sandwich Cookies on an episode of the Today Show.  I am  not Martha! If you want a laugh make sure to read my instructions in the recipe box below.  I wonder what happened in my childhood that I can’t follow a recipe? Here is the recipe and my slightly altered version [Read more…]

Cooking Light Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Here’s a great recipe from Cooking Light to kick off the new year!  It’s a light version of the classic chocolate chip cookie! And, they are delicious!! The recipe is below!  Enjoy! Print Cooking Light Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Author: adapted from Cooking Light Recipe type: Cookies   Lower fat version that doesn’t skimp on flavor! Ingredients [Read more…]

Last minute, no bake cookies and treats

no bake bar bhg

It never fails, the night before school your precious angel baby tells you he (in my case) has to bring 24 treats for the class.  Or a neighbor decides on a spontaneous happy hour and needs something sweet!  So when I found these ideas from  BHG.com I had to share with you all! Chocolate Raspberry Bites No-Bake Butterscotch [Read more…]

Oreos.. ruining diets since 1912!


Look what  I found at the grocery store! As if it wasn’t awesome having the red filling at Christmas, Oreo now has the mint green!  When did this happen?   Well, I bought a couple of each to stash in my pantry until after Thanksgiving! I had too much fun taking pictures of these little [Read more…]


hedgehog closeup 5

HEDGEHOGS are trending this fall!  Yay!  SO here is my contribution to push the trend forward.  Hedgehog Cookies!    I found this cute cookie recipe in the Taste of Home Kid Approved Cookbook. The print out and ingredient list is below.  You may recognize this recipe from my first attempt at these little guys.  Instead [Read more…]