Guest Posting at A Peek into My Paradise


Hi everyone!  I am so excited to be a guest blogger at Cathy’s blog, A Peek into My Paradise.  I am sharing a fun, kid friendly 4th of July party idea or surprise neighborhood treat!  You can see my guest post  HERE.  Here is a sneak peak of  the post:  

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me


The running joke in my family is that mom buys what she really wants! No amount of online links or photos of my wish list work.  I even posted this on Instagram since my children are over Facebook!   I actually ordered this from Crate and Barrel the day after Christmas when it didn’t show up under the tree!  The good news [Read more...]

DIY Wreath: Let it Snow


With much of the country in sub-zero temps, I thought this was a great time to show off my DIY wreath.  All supplies were on clearance  at Michaels.  I grabbed the blue because it reminds me of snow in January! I have it on my pantry door to give it a pop of color!  Click  HERE       to [Read more...]

A Simple Christmas in a Mason Jar


Who doesn’t love mason jars?   So I am constantly finding ways to make easy décor items that can be changed out with the seasons and holidays.  Here is my latest treat for the teachers.  Don’t worry they are not just getting a dozen candy cane balls! Our school does a cash collection. But, this is to [Read more...]

Pumpkin Patch in a Jar

pumpkin patch 3

Here is a fun treat to make for teachers, neighbors or to use in your decorating!  It would look great in an office too! Sidenote: This post should be titled, “the pumpkin patch post that got away.”  I swear I posted this weeks ago!  I went to link it up to a party and 30 [Read more...]

Easter in a Jar


What is it about a mason jar?  They just provide unlimited packaging ideas!  I think the world would be a happier place if we  used  more mason jars and less plastic!  This weekend we got a much needed  moisture packed spring snow storm.  And, instead of shoveling, I started to rummage around and found  a [Read more...]

Snow Body Scrub “homemade”


Shhh….. this was the most simple  and successful gift idea.  And, it was inexpensive too! Did I mention how much fun I had with this project.  I feel like I cheated. It’s like buying a frozen lasagna and calling it my own. Well, this is like making my own body bath scrub except I didn’t [Read more...]

Garland and Holly in the Kitchen


    Sometimes the simplest of ideas, make the biggest impact!  I bought a bundle of pine tree boughs at our tree farm and decided to add them to my light fixture in the kitchen.  I wanted to do something easy and inexpensive with my light fixture. I love the green with the pop of [Read more...]