2 Minute Tips on Tuesday {even though it’s Wednesday}


The story of my life is written in my calendar and to-do list.  Some days the only item I cross off my list is “shower.”   Organizational experts suggest breaking down tasks into  smaller ones. The idea being that if you {meaning myself} can break it down, an individual {me}  will obviously not feel so overwhelmed.  Okay, [Read more…]

Repurpose a Lantern to Organize


Somewhere in the year 2010 I decided I could not have enough lanterns. I snagged them on clearance aisles, HomeGoods. It came to a head this spring when I would spend hours minutes re-arranging lanterns.  My family was getting a little worried. So I used our annual garage sale as an opportunity to lean out [Read more…]

Vintage Tool Box: From Tool Box to Bar Ware

tool box pic

Hi There!  Hope you are having a great weekend!  Two years ago this tool box was buried in the garage and filled with miscellaneous bolts and screws!  To truly see the transformation of my husband’s vintage tool box check out the original makeover I did on it a few years back HERE.  I love the idea of [Read more…]

Yard Sale- The Good, the bad and the fanny pack!

garage sale sign2

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  I thought since it was mum’s day that it was a perfect day to write a post about my obsession: yard sales!  Yay!  My love for garage sales is my secret addiction!    I love it- the purging of all my crap!  I have been prepping for this year’s garage sale since- well- last year!  This [Read more…]

Earth Day… start with one small change


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  don’t have a political reason behind my decision or theory about global warming, I just think recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation- makes sense.    I think for me the image [Read more…]

Milk Can Transformation


  I found this milk can at a yard sale a few years ago.  I dragged it home where my {first} husband expressed concern that I might be exhibiting signs of hoarder-ness.   He likes new!  He doesn’t like the idea of someone else’s stuff taking up space in our home.  So I did  what I do [Read more…]

Thrifty Boys’ Room Accessories

evan's foam finger

It’s done! After multiple negotiations makeovers and tweaks my son’s room is done!  Here is the finished room. For the details on this before and after click HERE.  On a side note, the hardest part of this project is reconciling my wish for a Pottery Barn  room with the reality that my son wants a “cool” [Read more…]

Two tone dresser: Stain & Paint: Before and After

nuss after desk 4.5

I wish I had the original photo of my {first} husband’s childhood dresser.  My mother-in-law could not get this out of her basement fast enough when we bought our first house.   It was a piece of my husband’s childhood, made by his grandfather ( born and raised in a small farming town in Nebraska).  It was painted a [Read more…]

Recycling Vintage “Charlie Brown” Christmas lights.

vintage bulbs 1

THROWBACK THURSDAY: AS WE ALL PREPARE TO START THE HOLIDAY DECOR BLITZ HERE IS A THROWBACK THURSDAY POST FROM LAST YEAR: My dad is like me. He likes to clean out the clutter.  And, since he is of the generation of recycling- I think my generation calls it up-cycling:  he doesn’t want to throw anything away.  This fall, [Read more…]

a little bit of BH& G inspiration …wall maps and shutters!

map bhg

I love the BH&G website.  It is filled with great inspiration! It’s not as overwhelming as Pinterest and some of the pages make me think I can actually find or recreate the project!  How often does that happen?  These are a few ideas that I have my eye on this winter. Find these great inspirational [Read more…]