Earth Day Everyday: Fewer Plastic Bags


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  like recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation. It makes sense.    The image of the floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean was enough for me to try and start with reducing the [Read more…]

Wicker Chair Update


Hi there- Here is a project from the archives as we are on a spring break! I wanted to share this wicker chair update  as the garage sales ramp up this time of year. It’s a great example of not judging a piece of furniture by it’s current state!  Don’t be so quick to walk past a [Read more…]

DIY Snowflake Blocks


Hi there~ I feel like I am a little late to the Winter Décor theme going on over at Pinterest.  I am kind of  excited that winter decor in January and February is becoming it’s on recognized season.  It makes taking down the holiday decorations less of a let down and more like, “let’s bring [Read more…]

Paper Bag Décor : 2 Minute Tuesday


Have you ever had a paper  bag that was too pretty or fun to throw away? Well, on a recent trip to Park City {Utah}, I found this fun shop called “Root’d.” I bought a wedding gift and the shop owner put the gift in this brown paper bag. The fact that this paper  bag remained intact on [Read more…]

DIY Dog Treat Puzzle Idea


It’s freezing in Denver this week and my dogs are going crazy being stuck inside most of the day!  Their early morning walks are pretty short this time of year!  To fight off the boredom and subsequent antics I searched online for dog treat puzzles  and found this one on Pinterest.  I purchased a treat [Read more…]

Trader Joe’s Kitchen Cloths


Hi everyone- I am in love with Trader Joe’s. Finding new favorites each week is the gift that keeps on giving!  The staff are incredibly happy and helpful.  Trader Joe’s, small layout and quality TJ brands,  proves “more is less.” Here is what I am crushing on this week: Reusable, washable and fewer paper towels.  I used these [Read more…]

Upcycle Tree Branches


Hi There- Here’s a quick upcycled wreath I made using tree trunks and branches from a neighbor who recently trimmed his trees.  I asked if I could take some before it was hauled away. He couldn’t load my car fast enough. And, then the branches sat in my garage for a year! I up-cycled a broken frame, added [Read more…]

Repurpose a Lantern to Organize


Somewhere in the year 2010 I decided I could not have enough lanterns. I snagged them on clearance aisles, HomeGoods. If I found a lantern I had to have it! It came to a head this spring when I would spend hours minutes re-arranging lanterns.  My family was getting a little worried. So I used [Read more…]

Vintage Tool Box to Bar Ware

tool box pic

Hi There!  Hope you are having a great weekend!  Two years ago this tool box was buried in the garage and filled with miscellaneous bolts and screws!  To truly see the transformation of my husband’s vintage tool box check out the original makeover I did on it a few years back HERE.  I love the idea of [Read more…]