Earth Day Everyday: Fewer Plastic Bags


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  like recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation. It makes sense.    The image of the floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean was enough for me to try and start with reducing the [Read more…]

Laundry Sorter for my {first} husband

laundry 3.1

Hi everyone-  I am sharing my Weekend Find that I love?  Does anyone  have that Wayfair commercial jingle stuck in  your head? “Wayfair.. you got what I need…..”    I think I heard that commercial for weeks before I associated it with the emails that take up space in my inbox and the promotional boxes on every [Read more…]

Furniture Placement Idea


Hi there~  I have got my eye on a some furniture I’m drooling over at Crate & Barrel.  The reason we are in the market for new furniture is we notoriously purchase furniture that is either over or under sized for the room. And, then we  I complain about the sizing.  I have been “observing” for [Read more…]

Lunch Box Cleanup: 2 Minute Tuesday


Hi there- I’ve got less than a month before daughter arrives home for Easter so I am literally throwing stuff in drawers, trying to get some spring décor crafts together and hauling bags of “someone else’s treasures to dust” to Goodwill.  Yikes! But, I wanted to share my easy, new way to clean my son’s  lunch box for [Read more…]

Utility Knife in My Tool Bag


Hi everyone~ I survived a weekend of boys’ tennis and rugby.  Saturday morning I had a basement full of sleeping middle school boys and a puppy that tried her hardest not to run down and wake them up!  There is no segue to this post so let me start with this: I had no idea how much a utility knife [Read more…]

Trader Joe’s Kitchen Cloths


Hi everyone- I am in love with Trader Joe’s. Finding new favorites each week is the gift that keeps on giving!  The staff are incredibly happy and helpful.  Trader Joe’s, small layout and quality TJ brands,  proves “more is less.” Here is what I am crushing on this week: Reusable, washable and fewer paper towels.  I used these [Read more…]

What a photographer taught me about fruit

clementine decor

Hopefully you are reading this with that great hook in the title.  One of my kids loves fruit. I buy fruit  in bulk because he will eat a 1/2 dozen Cutie oranges after school.  As always, when I buy fruits and veggies in bulk I am always faced with where to store the produce so the family eats it!  So this [Read more…]

Stain Removal Method: 2 Minute Tuesday


Ewww….. if this is what my coffee mug looks like, what is the coffee (and tea) doing to my teeth? Don’t answer that one!  Here is a quick stain removal tip for your stained coffee mugs.  I keep a 1/2 bleach: 1/2 water solution in  a spray bottle and use it for disinfecting the sink [Read more…]

Fun Puppy Finds and Puppy Snoring Video


We are in puppy heaven right now with a 16  week old Bernese Mountain puppy, Chloe!  Of course, during the crate and potty training we nicknamed her Cujo (1990’s movie reference.. or was it the 1980’s) and Crazy Eyes (from Orange is the New Black). But, look at this precious face during the day!  We are [Read more…]

Errands Tote : 2 Minute Tuesday


Hello- how was your weekend? We are in the final stretch before Halloween! We took a family walk last night with our new puppy to tire her out before her bedtime and were psyched to see all the Halloween lights and tombstones! We love night walks during the holidays! For me this time of year brings [Read more…]